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8 Factors To Consider When Choosing an Online Crypto Casino

An overview of the factors that you need to bear in mind as you choose where to place your bets

Casinos that are powered by cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are getting a whole lot of attention right now, and for good reason.

That said, you still need to do your due diligence before you start experimenting in the crypto gambling market, so to help we’ve put together an overview of the factors that you need to bear in mind as you choose where to place your bets.

Does it support a token you own?

Crypto casinos don’t all offer gambling in the same currencies, with some putting Bitcoin as the sole option for making deposits, placing bets and initiating withdrawals, while others support several altcoins, and might even have a native token that you’re expected to use to make wagers.

Checking this will only take a moment, but could be a deal breaker depending on what’s already in your wallet.

Does it have the games you want to play?

As with any casino site, you need to see whether a crypto gambling operator hosts the types of games and experiences that gel with your skills and preferences.

For example, if you’re a fan of sports betting, it’s worth noting that not every crypto casino offers this as an option, although there are those that do cater to this niche.

Does it have a good reputation?

As a rule, you should only play on crypto casino sites that have glaringly positive reviews. A good reputation is a must, because you’ll otherwise be going in blind.

If there are any negative comments or feedback from past players, think twice about if getting involved is a wise move.

Does it run smoothly on your device?

Some crypto casinos work well on most mobile phones and desktop machines, but that’s not a guarantee in every case.

You could be better off playing on a site which also has a separate mobile app for you to download, particularly if your device is a little older.

Does it have an intuitive interface?

You want a crypto casino to be straightforward to use, with a clean and clear user interface. If it doesn’t have this, even seemingly small issues can really get on your nerves over time.

Does it accept fiat currency?

This is something that’s easy to overlook or get sideswiped by, but there’s a difference between true crypto casinos, and those that merely allow you to deposit in a crypto asset, before converting this to fiat currency so that you can wager on its games.

The latter is instead defined as a hybrid casino, and is more traditional in design, usually not running on the blockchain but instead using standard servers and software.

Does it let you check the odds and game outcomes?

Part of the appeal of crypto casinos is that they’re designed to be far more transparent than you might be used to if you’ve gambled elsewhere before. So you should be able to see odds unambiguously, and even review the outcomes of games you’ve played, as this info will be stored on the blockchain.

Does your region allow for crypto gambling?

Not every part of the world allows residents to gamble using crypto, even if other forms of betting are legal.

It’s sensible to check local laws to see which apply to crypto casinos, if any. That way you can go ahead, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be pulled up by the authorities.

And with that, you’re now ready to start your crypto casino adventure and hopefully have a whole heap of fun along the way, even if you’re a gambling novice.

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