Don't be this guy. Don't let your betting account be restricted.
Don't be this guy. Don't let your betting account be restricted.Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash.

How To Get Your Betting Account Unrestricted

There is nothing as frustrating as getting a betting account restricted, and not knowing why. This article will discuss crucial tips on how to get your betting account unrestricted with any bookmaker.


There is nothing as frustrating as getting a betting account restricted, and not knowing why. Betting is fun and the unpredictable nature, coupled with the promise of a grand jackpot makes the betting experience exciting. That excitement can, however, be doused when you realize the account has been restrained or even completely blocked.

The solution to a restrained account, contrary to what people think, isn't just setting up another account with the same site or a different bookmaker. This is because as a punter, you will constantly run the risk of getting restricted if you do not take the time to find out why a betting account is restricted and how to avoid it.

This article will discuss some crucial tips on how to get your betting account unrestricted with any bookmaker and limit the chances of you waking up and not being able to bet on your favourite team that could have reeled on a massive jackpot for you.

Stick to Bookmakers with Valid Licenses

Unlicensed betting sites are problematic and cannot be censored if they commit any offense like manipulating the RTP or refusing to payout massive wins. This is why it is recommended to use only bookmakers that have solid licenses from reputable bodies like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar license, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, etc. Licensed casinos, both online and land-based, are required to audit their RNG. They also receive a certificate of compliance issued after every audit. Licensed betting providers usually display their licenses and jurisdiction on the main page of their websites. You can also click here to see the top licensed bookmakers, which will give you reputable betting platforms to pick from.

Understand why your account was restricted

The next step to vetting your account unrestricted is knowing the reason behind the restriction. Most bookmakers, especially licensed and regulated sites, will only limit an account that flouts their rules. These rules are usually contained in the T&Cs and are available on every bookmaker's site.

If you're still in need of further clarification, sending an email or if possible, contacting the customer service operator might provide an answer for the restriction.

Know the type of restriction the account is under

 Depending on the reason behind the restriction, the type of limit put on a betting account may differ. For example, if a bookmaker realizes a punter is consistently winning on a large scale, a bet restriction may be placed on the account. Of course, the main reason a bookmaker is in business is to make a profit. A bettor consistently receiving large payouts isn't in the favour of the bookmaker. To limit a bettor from making large wins, a restriction may be placed on the maximum stake a bettor can wager. If a bettor could previously place a bet of £1000, he may be restricted to just $100 or even less to prevent the chance of landing a massive win.

Delete the restricted betting account

If after trying the first two steps and the restriction remains resolved by the betting site, it's better to let go of the account and delete it. A restricted betting account is inoperable, and getting rid of it is the first step to getting a fresh start. Before deleting, ensure you withdraw all winnings and then proceed to send an email or chat request for the deletion of your betting account.

Request to have all details deleted

Every bettor has the right to request a betting site to get rid of all information on their server. This right is enforced by the GDPR legislation which was introduced by the European Union. The legislation gives every printer the 'right to be forgotten.' The bookmaker is expected to respond to this request in 30 days.

The GDPR legislation ensures that the privacy of every customer is protected. This legislation allows bettors to gain access to information, and on the request of a bettor, all personal information must be wiped out from the database of the betting site.

Getting all information erased ensures you can get a clean slate, regardless of the reason for the restriction and start your betting account from scratch without hassle.

Open a new betting account

After successfully getting all details erased, you can now proceed to sign up with the same betting site or any site of your choice. The GDPR legislation ensures the betting site can no longer have your account red flagged, thereby giving you the freedom to start up a new betting account.

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