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FNCS Tournament Rundown 2022: The semifinals start today

The Fortnite Champion Series features teams from seven different regions competing to share the prize pool of more than $3 million.

The Fortnite Champion Series is one of the biggest tournaments in the world. It is an encompassing event where teams from seven different regions compete to share the prize pool of more than $3 million.

In addition, last year, BLAST, which cooperated with Epic Games at the FNCS All-Star Showdown and FNCS Grand Royale events, also signed a partnership for the 3rd season of the FNCS Tournament 2022.

We left behind the 1st chapter of the 3rd season of FNCS Tournament 2022 and witnessed great matches thanks to the cooperation of BLAST-Epic Game. Now it's time for the 2nd chapter of the 3rd season. While the excitement of Fortnite lovers was at its peak, I prepared a guide for Chapter 3, Season 2 FNCS, where we talked about all the details.

As a result, in this guide, you will be able to access all the start dates, prize pool, and more details of Chapter 3, Season 2 FNCS. Let's start.

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Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS History and Details

FNCS Season 3 Episode 2 started in May and continues. The champion will be determined at the end of three stages: the Qualifiers, the Semi-finals, and the Final. So, let's look at the details of these three stages:


Unlike other seasons, an additional qualifying round has been added this season. Thus, the top 5 teams (15 teams in total) of these three Qualifiers will qualify directly for the FNCS finals. In addition, each elimination will consist of 4 rounds. So what are the dates of these Qualifiers?

  • Qualifier 1: May 2-6

  • Qualifier 2: May 7-8

  • Qualifier 3: May 13-15


The Semi-finals will be on 20-22 May. Consistent performance of teams and winners of Victory Royales will qualify for the finals. In addition, the Semi-finals will consist of 3 sessions. Let's take a look at the details of these sessions:

Session 1

The top 50 teams on the Series Point Leaderboard from each region join in and consist of 5 matches. After that, 11 teams will qualify for the Finals, with 5 Victory Royale winners and the 6 most consistent teams.

Session 2

In Session 1, 11 seats remained vacant as 11 teams qualified for the Finals. So, teams 51-61 on the Series Point Leaderboard join in for these empty seats. Also, Session 2 consists of 6 matches. Again, in this session, where 50 teams compete, 6 Victory Royale winners and 6 most consistent teams, a total of 12 teams, qualify for the Finals.

Session 3

On the Series Point Leaderboard, 62nd-73rd teams join in this session and 12 empty seats are filled, and 50 teams compete to join in the Finals. It also consists of 6 matches in total. As a result, 12 teams, including 6 Victory Royale winners and 6 consistent teams, qualify for the Finals.


A brief summary of all the details I mentioned above:

  • Session 1: Consists of 5 matches; 1st-50th teams n the Series Point Leaderboard compete.

  • Session 2: Consists of 6 matches; 1st-61st teams on the Series Point Leaderboard compete.

  • Session 3: Consists of 6 matches; the 1st-73rd teams on the Series Point Leaderboard compete.


After the qualifiers and semi-finals, we come to the most exciting part of the tournament, the Finals! The Finals, which will be held on May 28-29, will determine the star team of Fortnite. Also, there are two ways to become the FNCS Champion; I will explain these ways now. Let's start:

  • The first way to win the Finals is to get 475 match points and earn 3 Victory Royales. The team that meets these conditions becomes the FNCS Champion directly. This is because it is very difficult to get match points. Also, it takes a really high level of Fortnite skill to achieve this.

  • Teams play 12 matches. So, the second way to win the Finals is about these 12 matches. As a result, the team with the most points in 12 matches wins the FNCS Finals. Also, maybe no team can achieve Match Points in 12 matches. In this case, the team with the most cumulative points will win the FNCS Finals.

Prize Pool

The Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS prize pool totals $3,008,500. Also, this prize pool has been apportioned by region. Each region competes for its share of prizes. Here are the prize amounts by region:

  • EU: $1,362,500 (EU, which has the strongest players in Fortnite, has the highest prize amount, of course.)

  • NAE: $637,500

  • BR: $418,000

  • NAW: $239,500

  • ASIA: $145,000

  • ME: $114,000

  • OCE: $92,000

Have you seen the story of the boy who became the Fortnite Champion at the age of 16? You might want to take a look at it, and he has made a total of $3 million in revenue.

Bonus: FNCS Community Cup

You think you're a good Fortnite player but not good enough to win the $3,008,500 prize. At this point, you can compete for the FNCS Community Cup. The winner of the FNCS Community Cup on May 25 will receive the C3:S2 FNCS Outfit and Back Bling.

Additionally, The FNCS Community Cup will consist of 10 games and will last 3 hours. As a result, the teams with the most points from each region will get the prizes.

Final Words

Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS is already exciting. So, I am looking forward to which team will be the winner of this unique tournament where the world's best each other.

In addition, I hope this guide I prepared about The Fortnite Champion Series, where Fortnite professional teams compete with each other, and Fornite lovers follow with interest, has been useful. Before concluding our article, we invite you to take a look at our article The Power of Esports and Fortnite. Goodbye.

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