Most of the money bet Sunday will not be crisp hundreds, but credit card transactions.

Most of the money bet Sunday will not be crisp hundreds, but credit card transactions.

BettorEdge co-founder says $7.6B in Super Bowl betting could mean almost $500M in fees for sportsbooks

American Gaming Association predicts more than 31 million Americans will wager on the game.

It's fun to bet on sports, but there's a reason why the folks who own the casinos get rich.

Greg Kajewski, Co-Founder at BettorEdge did an analysis on the AGA's prediction that there will be $7.61B bet on the Super Bowl.

"Before the game kicks off on Sunday," Kajewski said, "Sportsbooks will be big winners as they bring in an estimated $550 million in fees taken from the consumer’s winnings. That’s enough to buy every Super Bowl commercial spot NBC runs on Sunday."

That $550 million comes from the House's "vig" or "hold," which is the amount of money kept by the sportsbook before it pays out winnings. This is why it's important in sports betting for the sportsbook to get similar amounts of action on each side of the line – so it's not paying out more on one side than the vig being collected.

Generally, the more exotic the bet, the bigger the vig.

Our horse racing handicapper Chris Garrity has complained about high takeouts (vig) at horse tracks and recently lauded Sam Houston Race Park for not gouging bettors.

Also, when the sportsbooks generate $500 million in revenue, the next big winners will be the states, who are taxing the heck out of that money.

Other stats from the AGA research:

  • The 31.4 million expected bettors is up 35% from 2021.

  • 18.2 million American adults will place traditional sports wagers online, at a retail sportsbook or with a bookie, up 78 percent from 2021.

  • 18.5 million plan to bet casually with friends or as part of a pool or squares contest, up 23 percent from 2021.

  • 12.9 million people plan to place a bet online this year, up 70 percent from 2021.

  • 4.7 million people plan to place a bet in person at a sportsbook, up 231 percent from 2021.

  • 76% of American bettors say it is important to bet through a legal operator, up 11 points from 2021.

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