The famous Las Vegas sign
The famous Las Vegas sign|Nick Fewings | Unsplash

Las Vegas strip to reopen June 4 — what should you expect? Mims has advice

When casinos reopen in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania some of these same guidelines will need to be followed.

Robert Mims

Robert Mims

On June 4, the casinos on the Las Vegas strip will reopen. Each are planning to open at 12:01 am. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has set up guidelines that the casinos and attendees must adhere to. When casinos reopen in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania some of these same guidelines will need to be followed. If you plan on enjoying gaming in Nevada, you should know what these new rules are. Here are some things to think about:

Occupancy will be limited

There is a 50% capacity in place at the casinos. So, if you are going to play then you may want to pick an early morning hour when the crowd will be lighter. If you are a above average player, I would reach out to the marketing team and let them know when you would like to come in.

Patrons may be subject to temperature checks upon entry to the casino

If you have a fever or show any signs of illness, you should stay home.

Social distancing is the new norm

Behave as if you were going to the supermarket or Walmart. Wear a mask and minimize contact with anyone that you do not know. Space at table games will be generally cut by 40 to 50%. Certain rows and sections of slot machine will be cordoned off. Since supply will be limited and the demand will be high, expect limits to move accordingly. You will not be allowed to stand and watch a game for an extended period. Entering an elevator will be restricted to a group of 3 or 4.

Sportsbook foot traffic will remain light because none of the four American professional sports are going right now. Seating in the book will be spaced and the number of ticket writers will be limited. Get your sportsbook action from the kiosk machines or download the sports betting app associated with the property.

Use hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer will be available after each hand or the request of the player. Dice will be swiped after a roll. I was advised that some casinos will have plexiglass between the patron and the dealer. Each of these will slow down the pace of the game, but this is a small concession when it pertains to your health.

Plan your meals ahead of time

Restaurant hours will be modified with some eateries only open for lunch. I would call ahead to make a reservation or place an order for take-out. Do not plan on going to your favorite buffet. In all likelihood it is closed due to COVID-19.

Some of these same regulations will be in play when gaming starts in your region or city. I would suggest that you follow me, and I will brief you as the ways you can navigate the post COVID casino & hotel experience.

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