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Basketball is being played in Russia's MLBL, the Chinese Taipei Super League & the Russian 3x3 Liga Pro – Kern previews the betting action

Games are from 5 am EDT Friday morning until 9 am EDT Saturday morning.

Mike Kern

Mike Kern

Time for a little basketball action. Really? Well, yes. They are playing hoops somewhere.

In this case, actually, Chinese Taipei and Russia. And guess what? You can bet on the games at the Parx sportsbook. How much more can a gambler ask for.

Now I’m not going to tell you I know much if anything about the hoops over on the other side of the planet. But I’m sure there are some folks who do. And if I did some research I’d probably find a player or two on some of those teams that I actually know. Or maybe even saw play. Imagine that. And I’m sure there will be people who might do some research on all this and figure out a way to beat the odds. One day, I want to meet the folks who set the lines for this kind of thing. Seriously. What a gig.

In the Chinese Taipei Super Basketball League, which has all of five teams (I looked it up), Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor is +8.5 points at Paulan Archiland. I can’t make that up. Nor would I even think about doing that. In the second game, two hours later, Bank of Taiwan is +9.5 at Taiwan Beer. So there you have it. Go for it, if you really have to. And some of us really have to. It’s OK.

In Russia, there’s even more to digest. In the 3x3 Liga Pro, Ural-pro is +2.5 at Neva-pro. And yes, that’s 3 on 3. And there is a lot more info available on this, if you’re interested enough to Google away. That game starts at 1:15 EDT Friday afternoon. Then there’s Rostov-pro at Elisey-pro (yes, they're all pro) at 1:40. Rostov is laying 2.5. And you can get -118 on any of these on the money line.

In what I believe is the more prestigious MLBL, Dynamo Rostov on Don is -1.5 at BTSK Bataysk. And the over-under is 158.5, if that’s more your thing.

And trust me, there’s all sorts of other different propositions that you can get involved with in the China games. If you indeed take this plunge I can only wish you the best because that makes you a better whatever than me. But that’s why they make vanilla and rum raisin. Or something like that.

And you thought you might not have anything to keep you occupied for awhile. Silly you.

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