Sports bettors may be up the creek, but they've got paddles.
Sports bettors may be up the creek, but they've got paddles.|Frederick Tubiermont / Unsplash

You can bet Monday night Moscow Pro Liga Table Tennis and the TT Cup

Matches start at 6 pm EDT.

Howard Gensler

Howard Gensler

The Moscow Pro League is in action tonight and you can bet on it here. At the table will be Dmitry Balakin, Artem Suntsov, Evgeniy Ilyukhin, Ilya Novikov and Aleksey Vlasov in a night of round robin action.

Ilyukhin is favored in all matches but like in many one-on-one sports, styles enter this as the favorites and underdogs are not always logical. If a is favored over b who's favored over c who's favored over d, why is d favored over b?

In the TT Cup, also tonight, Boris Kostiuk, Dimitriy Baistriuchenko, Prokhor Puhach, Dimitriy Derevinskiy, Aleksandr Medvedev and Andrey Tsikhotskiyi are playing. Tsikhotskyi, Baistriuchenko and Kostiuk look like the players to watch.

We'll keep an eye out on the results and try to make some picks down the road.

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