State of the Industry – What Can We Expect from the Best Betting Sites in the Coming Months
A general view during the final of League of Legends tournament between Team G2 Esports and Team FunPlus Phoenix, in Paris, Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019. The biggest e-sports event of the year saw a Chinese team, FunPlus Phoenix, crowned as world champions of the video game League of Legends. Thousands of fans packed a Paris arena for the event, which marked another step forward for the growing esports business.Thibault Camus | Associated Press

State of the Industry – What Can We Expect from the Best Betting Sites in the Coming Months

Betting industry - eSports focus and Bitcoin payments expected

The betting industry is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative sectors in the world, and it has become so successful because of its constant willingness to adapt to advancements in technology and ever-changing betting landscapes. The online betting world has led to a saturation of places to bet, and this means that the competition to be the best is fierce. This brings about innovations in the way people can bet. With this in mind, what can be expected from the best betting sites like the ones on this page, in the coming months?

More Mobile Betting

In a short space of time, betting sites have made their way to mobile in vast numbers. The booming mobile market in which nearly every device now has an internet connection was identified as the most profitable place to attract new bettors by the best betting sites in the UK and elsewhere. According to this page, the top mobile app at the moment is from BetVictor - players can use it to bet and watch from their portable device. Other sites are beginning to offer live streaming of soccer and NBA events as well, so that players can watch the games and partake in in-play betting.

There is likely to be a rise in this type of mobile betting as 5G slowly rolls out across the UK. The new generation of wireless internet connectivity is expected to be available across most of the country in the next few years. Some cities already have the technology, with the EE 5G network in place in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast. 5G will bring about much faster internet speeds, meaning that it will be much easier to stream live games while away from a household broadband connection. This will lead to even more focus on the mobile betting market.

Focus on eSports Markets

Having a diverse selection of markets and sports to bet on is one way that betting sites attract players. Operators are constantly on the hunt for emerging trends, and eSports is the next big thing. There are already a number of online betting sites providing odds for eSports events, and this is expected to increase. Indeed, the eSports industry is growing at a rapid rate, and revenue is projected to top $1 billion in 2019. This is an incredible feat for a sector which was unheard of ten years ago.

Competitive gaming is becoming recognised as a real sport because there is so much more skill-based gameplay now than there was a few years ago. Players are able to actually become world class in games like League of Legends and DOTA 2, and people are paying a lot of money to see these matches live. The eSports scene is attractive to bettors because they can analyse a number of factors before placing bets. They can check the players' form, past performances and other details in order to make a judgment about the outcome of a match.

New Banking and Payment Methods

One of the main ways that betting sites try to beat the competition and attract customers is by offering more ways of paying. By having a diverse range of options, bettors have a higher chance of finding their preferred method. In the year ahead, it is expected that a number of betting sites will begin to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments. Bitcoin has been threatening to go mainstream for some time now, and greater numbers of people are aware of the digital currency.

Cryptocurrency payments will entice bettors from overseas, because they have low-cost transfers for international transactions. This is because they avoid bank charges and exist on a peer-to-peer blockchain network. This provides added security, and also allows for more anonymity than credit cards. Some people believe that Bitcoin could be the future of internet payments, as the online world is borderless and should have its own currency. If this does come to fruition, betting sites that adopt Bitcoin early on could stand to benefit.

It looks as though there are going to be some major changes for the best betting sites in the coming months. Competitive gaming markets will crop up with more regularity, and there will be an emphasis on mobile apps. There could also be a rise in the acceptance of crypto payments.

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