NCAAF: Got Bama teased? Mike Kern suggests a hedge with Clemson
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NCAAF: Got Bama teased? Mike Kern suggests a hedge with Clemson

If the Tide rolls by less than five, you could win both bets

So, as Clint Eastwood asked in “Dirty Harry,” “Are you feeling lucky?”

Because, if you took my suggestion (and I realize there’s always more than enough reasons not to) and teased the Eagles up and Alabama down, you are in a unique situation. To cash you just need the Crimson Tide to win tonight against Clemson. Which seems reasonable enough. But . . .

You could turn around and take a chance by also putting something on Clemson getting the 5 1/2 points. I think Bama is going to win, but I’ve been wrong before. And Bama, despite winning two of the last three title games, didn’t cover in any of them. They lost two years ago outright to the Tigers, on the game’s final play. Last season the Tide won the rubber match in the semis, 24-6.

Now they’re playing for a fourth time. And if you hedge your bet by adding Clemson plus the points into the equation, you have a shot at a middle. And that middle is a pretty big one, as middles go. If Bama wins by anything from one to five, you’re going to win both bets. So I guess it depends just how sure you are about Bama just to win. Or you might just be in the mood to go for something bigger. Your call. And there’s really no right or wrong answer. If Bama wins by a touchdown or more, you of course would be costing yourself money. And who wants to ever do that?

Then again, that’s why it’s called gambling.

Just a thought. I’m full of them. Occasionally it can even be scary. There’s a fine line between making the right move and overthinking it. So try to tread responsibly, although that’s probably a relative term. All that matters is coming out ahead by the time somebody’s lifting that trophy.

So, how do you feel?

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