The Top 5 March Madness Betting Sites for Every Kind of Bettor

Discover the top March Madness sportsbooks for every kind of bettor!
The Top 5 March Madness Betting Sites for Every Kind of Bettor

The excitement of March Madness sweeps across the country every spring, bringing with it not just the thrills of college basketball but also the frenzy of betting on the games. Just behind the start of the NFL season, March Madness is when sports bettors tend to scout out sportsbooks and their lucrative bonuses.

Whether you're a seasoned gambler or a casual fan looking to add some stakes to your brackets, choosing the right betting site can make or break your bankroll.

This year, we've rounded up five standout platforms that take the top of their class in various categories. There are some surprises, and we mean it when we say there's something for everyone.

On top of a few new Sportsbooks to join the ranks since last March, there are also a slew of states have come onboard with online sports betting to include Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, and North Carolina.

Back to the books — This year, we focused on five different areas we think would benefit each type of bettor—

  • Best Overall Experience. Intuitive interface, comprehensive betting options, live betting feature, and special promotions during March Madness.

  • Best for Beginners. Educational resources, simple navigation, straightforward betting options, and responsive customer support.

  • Best for In-Depth Analysis. Extensive game analyses, player statistics, real-time updates, and integration with broader sports coverage.

  • Best for Prop Bets. Wide range of prop betting options, competitive odds, easy withdrawals, and enhanced excitement during March Madness.

  • Best for International Bettors. Comprehensive March Madness coverage, diverse betting options, global recognition, and live streaming service for international fans.

With that, we think you're going to like what we've found.

Best Overall Experience: FanDuel

When it comes to blending user experience with comprehensive betting options, FanDuel takes the crown. There's probably no surprise here.

What sets FanDuel apart is its intuitive interface, which welcomes newcomers while still offering the depth experienced bettors expect. There's a reason they have the largest user base in the U.S.

During March Madness, FanDuel shines with its live betting features, allowing users to place bets as the action unfolds on the court. 

On top of that, through our reviews we've found that their mobile app is seamless, meaning you can make your picks from anywhere, whether you're at the sports bar or on your couch.

FanDuel also often offers bonuses that are specific to March Madness. This is more of an icing on the cake, but we never pass up a solid bonus offer.

Best for Beginners: DraftKings

DraftKings is renowned for its fantasy sports, but its sportsbook is equally impressive, especially for those new to betting. This powerhouse is the second most popular online sports betting site in the U.S.

The reason it's perfect for beginners lies in its educational resources and easy-to-navigate platform. DraftKings provides detailed betting guides and a glossary of terms so new users can get up to speed quickly. After all, there are a lot of terms to know and understand if you're just getting started.

During March Madness, they offer a wide range of simple-to-understand betting options, from straightforward picks like game winners (splits and moneylines) to more complex parlays.

Their customer support is some of the best we've seen as well, and they are ready to assist with any questions. The platform's commitment to making betting accessible without overwhelming newcomers makes it an easy choice for newbies getting into the action.

Best for In-Depth Analysis: ESPN BET

ESPN BET, while newer to the betting scene, leverages ESPN's vast knowledge base and analytical tools to offer bettors an unparalleled resource for making informed decisions.

This platform stands out for its in-depth game analyses, player statistics, and real-time updates, which are invaluable during the unpredictable twists and turns of March Madness.

For bettors who thrive on statistics and player performance to guide their betting strategies, ESPN BET is unmatched.

Additionally, the integration with ESPN's broader sports coverage means bettors have quick access to expert opinions, injury reports, and game previews, all of which are critical during the tournament.

One of our favorite things about ESPN BET is the odds boost they typically pair with live games broadcasted on ESPN+. We expect they'll continue to do the same during March Madness, so be ready to jump on those boosts!

Best for Prop Bets: BetMGM

For those who love the excitement of prop bets, BetMGM is the go-to site.

Prop bets, short for proposition bets, allow you to wager on specific events within a game (like which player will score the first basket) rather than the game's outcome.

During March Madness, BetMGM offers a dizzying array of prop betting options, giving you the chance to bet on nearly every aspect of every game.

We love a good prop bet just as much as anyone else, but keep in mind that not all states allow prop betting on collegiate sports. If you're in any of these states—AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, NY, OR, PA, SD, TN, VA, WV—you won't be able to place prop bets on the tournament.

Besides that, BetMGM odds are also very competitive, and their site provides helpful tips for prop bet novices. BetMGM also features easy withdrawal options, making it convenient to cash out your winnings after the tournament.

Best for International Bettors: Bet365

March Madness may be an American phenomenon, but it has fans worldwide.

For those outside the U.S. (and even those in a handful of states, including Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia), Bet365 is the best platform for betting.

Recognized globally, Bet365 offers comprehensive coverage of March Madness, with the ability to place bets in various currencies and languages.

Their live streaming service, available in many countries, allows international fans to watch the games they've bet on in real-time, enhancing the excitement. Of course, if you're in the U.K. that might end up being at 2am.

Bet365 also excels in offering a wide range of betting markets, from traditional spreads and over/unders to more intricate accumulators and futures bets so the fun doesn't stop with the tournament.

What Stands Out For You?

Choosing the right betting site for March Madness depends on what you're looking for. Whether it's the user-friendly experience of FanDuel, the beginner-friendly platform of DraftKings, the analytical depth of ESPN BET, the exciting prop bets on BetMGM, or the international accessibility of Bet365, there's something for every type of bettor.

Each platform offers unique features and benefits, making this year's March Madness a showcase of the best in college basketball and sports betting. We highly recommend you check out our reviews on each platform, as we couldn't list every detail right here.

So, whether you're placing a casual wager or diving deep into betting strategies, these sites offer the tools, options, and excitement to make March Madness unforgettable.

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