With Jarace Walker joining last year's loaded squad, the Houston Cougars are a favorite to win the NCAA Basketball Championship.
With Jarace Walker joining last year's loaded squad, the Houston Cougars are a favorite to win the NCAA Basketball Championship.@UHCougarMBK on Twitter

March Madness 2023: Which College Program Could Potentially Win This Huge Sporting Spectacle?

With less than a month before March Madness, the NCAA basketball regular season heads into overdrive.

With less than a month before March Madness, the NCAA basketball regular season heads into overdrive. Defending Champion Kansas struggled for a stretch but is now rounding back into form.

The "First Four" will begin the 2023 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament on March 14 in Dayton, Ohio. The nation's first round will be on Thursday, March 18, and Friday, March 19, at eight regional venues. The Final Four will be held in Houston, Texas, on Saturday, April 1, 2023, with the title game taking place on Monday, April 3, 2023. The competition is appropriately titled March Madness. There are 67 single-elimination games played, and chaos undoubtedly happens.

March Madness: A Huge Sporting Spectacle

Due to March Madness popularity, even people who have absolutely no knowledge of or interest in sports are typically aware of it. Along with the major professional sports championships, it is the biggest sporting event on the American calendar, perhaps highlighted in 2020 when organizers tried to save it from falling victim to the pandemic.

Big events are a part of March Madness becaue there are so many games throughout the day. Supporters may cook a variety of foods and drink a number of different beverages with a basketball or college theme or decorate with basketball-themed items.

Without brackets, March Madness would not be complete. Brackets, which are typically filled out by game enthusiasts, are a terrific method to increase the excitement of March Madness. Because the games can be so unpredictable, occasionally the bizarre forecasts turn out to be accurate. The seeding system used to set up the tournament creates the ideal environment each year for a weaker team to defeat a highly regarded side.

March Madness is a fantastic way to reawaken your love for the college you attended as an alumnus. Fans are likely to have visited or had some sort of relationship with at least one of the colleges competing in the men's and women's championships given the number of teams competing. The single-elimination nature of March Madness is one of its most thrilling features. Every game counts in the tournament since every squad is battling for its very existence. When every game feels like a championship, it is simple to become invested, even if you are unfamiliar with any one of the colleges competing in the tournament.

During March Madness, betting platforms are usually very active due to the numerous amounts of bets placed on the tournament. Due to the fact that online gambling is currently legal in more than half of the nation, the NCAA event usually features high volumes of wagering during March Madness.

In this regard, March Madness sports betting offers are available for those situated in regions where the activity has been made legal in order to enhance the overall experience that they can enjoy from the events that take place.

However, with that all in mind, there will be many that will be wondering which college teams are worth looking out for and potentially wagering on. Despite the madness that can be witnessed because of this special tournament, there are always a couple of programs to keep an eye on…

Who are the favorites to win March Madness?

Houston Cougars

The Houston Cougars stunned everyone by dominating opponents as the No. 5 seed in the tournament last year, only to lose to Villanova in the Elite Eight. Now, 6-8 freshman Jarace Walker, a five-star recruit, has joined the squad, helping the No. 3 Cougars to a 26-2 record senior guard Marcus Sasser, one of the top players in the country. It should come as no surprise that this team is one of the favorites for March Madness.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

The return of Drew Timme has made the Zags a team to once again reckon with even if they've o often fallen short of the big prize. They possess more than enough skill to strive to win their first NCAA championship.


Having the best player in the game is quite helpful. Zach Edey has dominated this season. With a remarkable average of 22.1 points and 13 rebounds, the center, who is 7-4 , tops all other contenders for the Naismith Player of the Year award.


Alabama has earned the right to be a number one seed. The Crimson Tide are 19-3 in their last 22 games and 14-1 in the tough SEC. They could be set up for their first trip to the Final Four.

What are March Madness 2023 possible outcomes?

It is worth selecting a few March Madness upsets in the bracket early on because they frequently occur during the tournament. Despite the fact that teams with a seeding of 12 or lower have never advanced to the Final Four, lower-ranked teams typically have a good chance of winning in the early rounds of the tournament.

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