This new revival of Jersey Boys is a stunner.

This new revival of Jersey Boys is a stunner.

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4 Friday NCAA Sweet 16 Picks in the Bettors Insider O'Sullivan, Baller Challenge – St. Peter's vs Purdue, more

Saint Peter’s Peacocks vs. Purdue Boilermakers, 7:09 pm EDT, Providence Friars vs. Kansas Jayhawks, 7:29 pm, UNC Tar Heels vs. UCLA Bruins, 9:39 pm, Iowa State Cyclones vs. Miami Hurricanes, 9:59 pm.

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O'Sullivan NCAA Tournament: 31-27, -$30.18

Baller NCAA Tournament: 29-28, -$36.90

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(Standing Caveat: The universe is chaotic. Life is unpredictable. Things happen. Like injuries. And COVID protocols. In following Seattle O’Sullivan’s betting advice, be advised that you should always monitor your bets during the day to make certain unforeseen things have not occurred which might change your wagering opinion. Thank you.)

Thursday Results

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Gonzaga Bulldogs, 7 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Arkansas +9.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Arkansas wins 74-68, +$10

Baller's Pick: Game Under 154 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Arkansas wins 74-68 = 142, +$10


Michigan Wolverines vs. Villanova Wildcats, 7:30 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Villanova -4.5 (-110), bet $22 to win $20

WIN: Villanova wins 63-55, +$20

Baller's Pick: Villanova -5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Villanova wins 63-55, +$10


Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Duke Blue Devils, 9:40 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Duke +1.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Duke wins 78-73, +$10

Baller's Pick: Duke +1 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Duke wins 78-73, +$10


Houston Cougars vs. Arizona Wildcats, 10 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Arizona -1.5 (-110), bet $22 to win $20

LOSS: Houston wins 72-60, -$22

Baller's Pick: Houston +1.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Houston wins 72-60, +$10

Friday Sweet 16 Picks

Saint Peter’s Peacocks vs. Purdue Boilermakers, 7:09 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Saint Peter’s +12.5 (-105), bet $10.50 to win $10

Baller's Pick: Saint Peter’s +12.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: Ultimately, Saint Peter’s is going to have real trouble with Purdue’s frontcourt duo of Trevion Williams and Zach Edey. But the Peacocks have proven they are not going to back down to anybody, and they’re on a roll right now. Most importantly here, Saint Peter’s is 23-9 against the spread. That’s almost 72%, and that’s insane. If I had access to a time machine, I’d go back to October and just bet on Saint Peter’s for every game (my goals may be short-sighted, here). Besides, while Purdue is more talented and bigger, they’re more than capable of letting teams hang around. Eight of ten of their last games, win or lose, have been within ten points. Saint Peter’s is playing with nothing to lose, everyone behind them, and while Purdue is better, the Boilermakers are not killers enough to put anyone away. I think it’s a soft Purdue win.

Baller: There are now as many teams left in the Tournament from the MAAC as there are from the Big Ten. And with this game in Philadelphia, Purdue is going to get a little taste of what Colgate felt playing Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Norfolk State felt playing Baylor in Fort Worth, and so on.

Providence Friars vs. Kansas Jayhawks, 7:29 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Kansas -7 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

Baller's Pick: Kansas -7.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: Kansas has too much talent to be denied, here. I’ve enjoyed Providence’s run in the tournament, but the Jayhawks are bigger, faster, and their top-six adjusted-offense will be too much for Providence’s defense, which isn’t even top 50. Now, luck is a hard factor to quantify, but Ken Pomeroy’s rankings have done it, and it’s deemed the Friars the luckiest team in America. That luck ends tonight. As a favorite, Kansas has won their games by an average of 11.4 points, which is more than enough to cover. Providence will try to slow the game down; they’ll fail.

Baller: Providence lost only five games this season, but in three of them they got stomped. I don't think they can keep Kansas under wraps for 40 minutes and if the game starts to get away . . . watch out.

North Carolina Tar Heels vs. UCLA Bruins, 9:39 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: North Carolina +2.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10; North Carolina +120, bet $5 to win $6

Baller's Pick: North Carolina +2 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: North Carolina managed to avoid what would’ve been a historic collapse against Baylor on Saturday, but the escape in overtime left a lot of people cold on the Tar Heels. I’m not totally excusing the meltdown; I watched the second half of that game with my mouth agape. But there are a couple things to remember. First, in addition to North Carolina panicking, the refs seemed to forget what constitutes a foul. Second, Baylor is an underrated team in terms of its physicality, athleticism, and pressure; I don’t think UCLA will offer North Carolina’s guards the same difficulty. I continue to think North Carolina is undervalued (believe me, I do not like that I feel this way), and that the inside/outside combination of forward Armando Bacot with stretch forward Brady Manek causes opponents major matchup problems. The Tar Heels will take advantage of those matchups, and their speed, and pull out what I consider a minor upset.

Baller: What was that Bangles song? Manek Friday? Nope, that's my song. If goofball Brady Manek can control his temper and stay in the game, the Tar Heels have too much for the Bruins.

Iowa State Cyclones vs. Miami Hurricanes, 9:59 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Miami -140, bet $14 to win $10

Baller's Picks: Iowa St. +2.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10; Game Under 133 (-110) bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: My ‘Canes! This spread was bet from Miami -1 to -2.5 because of what I’ve been saying all year: Miami is a tough squad that revels in close games. Tonight’s game will be their offense (adjusted 18th in the country) against Iowa State’s defense (adjusted 5th in the country. But the Hurricanes take care of business when they’re favored (15-6 as a favorite), and their guards Isaiah Wong and Charlie Moore (you may have heard me mention these names) will not allow the Cyclones to slow the game down. I've loved Miami all year, and I like Miami tonight in a close game that might make you sweat, but which will cause them no concern.

Baller: I'm taking the points because the Cyclones could lose by a FG and I'll still win; I'm taking the Under because both Cyclones games have come in at only 103 points. The two Miami games have averaged 137. If they meet i the middle that's 120 and I have a 13-point cushion. And if it's 48-42 at the half disregard all of this stellar logic.

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