Who's Going to the Sweet 16? 8 Saturday NCAA Game Picks in the Bettors Insider O'Sullivan, Baller Challenge

After a brutal Friday, the O'Sullivan, Baller Challenge continues with Round of 32 NCAA Tournament action: ALL 8 Games. First game starts 12:15 pm EDT, Last game 9:57 pm EDT. Plus Full Friday results.
Proud as Peacocks: Can Saint Peter's do it again?

Proud as Peacocks: Can Saint Peter's do it again?

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O'Sullivan NCAA Tournament: 17-20, -$81.00

Baller NCAA Tournament: 15-21, -$79.90

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(Standing Caveat: The universe is chaotic. Life is unpredictable. Things happen. Like injuries. And COVID protocols. In following Seattle O’Sullivan’s betting advice, be advised that you should always monitor your bets during the day to make certain unforeseen things have not occurred which might change your wagering opinion. Thank you.)

Friday Results

10 Loyola (IL) Wolves vs. 7 Ohio State Buckeyes, 12:15 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Ohio State pick (-110), bet $5 to win $4.55

WIN: Ohio State wins 54-41, +$4.55

Baller's Pick: Loyola pick (-110), $11 to win $10

LOSS: Loyola lost 54-41, -$11

15 Jacksonville State Gamecocks vs. 2 Auburn Tigers, 12:40 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Auburn -14.5 (-115), bet $11.50 to win $10

WIN: Auburn covered, winning 80-61, +$10

Baller's Pick: Game Over 138 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Game covered 80-61 = 141, +$10

14 Montana State Bobcats vs. 3 Texas Tech Red Raiders, 1:45 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Texas Tech -14.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Texas Tech covered, winning 97-62, +$10

Baller's Pick: Game Under 132.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: The games was NOT Under 132.5, by A LOT, 97-62 = 159, -$11

14 Yale Bulldogs vs. 3 Purdue Boilermakers, 2 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Purdue -15.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Purdue covers, winning 78-56, +$10

Baller's Pick: Yale +16.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: Yale does not cover, losing 78-56, -$11

15 Delaware Blue Hens vs. 2 Villanova Wildcats, 2:45 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Delaware +15.5 (-109), bet $10.90 to win $10

LOSS: Delaware didn't cover, losing 80-60, -$11

Baller's Pick: Delaware +15.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: Delaware didn't cover, losing 80-60, -$11

10 Miami Hurricanes vs. 7 USC Trojans, 3:10 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Miami +1.5 (-105), bet $15.75 to win $15

WIN: Miami wins 68-66, +$15

Baller's Pick: Miami +2 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Miami wins 68-66, +$10

11 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. 6 Alabama Crimson Tide, 4:15 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Alabama -165, bet $16.50 to win $10

LOSS: Alabama loses 78-64 -$16.50

Baller's Pick: Alabama -4 (-110), bet $11 to win $10.

LOSS: Alabama loses 78-64 -$11

11 Virginia Tech Hokies vs. 6 Texas Longhorns, 4:30 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Virginia Tech +1.5 (-115), bet $11.50 to win $10

LOSS: Virginia Tech loses 81-73, -$11.50

Baller's Pick: Virginia Tech +1 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: Virginia Tech loses 81-73, -$11

13 Chattanooga Moccasins vs. 4 Illinois Fighting Illni, 6:50 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Illinois -7.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: Illinois wins 54-53, -$11

Baller's Pick: Illinois -8 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: Illinois wins 54-53, -$11

15 Cal-State Fullerton Titans vs. 2 Duke Blue Devils, 7:10 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Duke -18.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: Duke doesn't cover, wins 78-61, -$11

Baller's Pick: Game Under 145 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: 78-61 = 137, game goes under, +$10

11 Iowa State Cyclones vs. 6 LSU Tigers, 7:20 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: LSU -176, bet $17.60 to win $10

LOSS: Iowa St. wins 59-54, -$17.60

Baller's Pick: Game Under 128.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Iowa St. wins 59-54 = 113, +$10

16 Wright State Raiders vs. 1 Arizona Wildcats, 7:27 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Arizona -22 (-107), bet $16.05 to win $15

LOSS: Arizona wins 87-70, -$16.05

Baller's Pick: Arizona -21.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: Arizona wins 87-70, -$11

12 UAB Dragons vs. 5 Houston Cougars, 9:20 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: UAB +8.5 (-109), bet $10.90 to win $10

LOSS: UAB doesn't cover, losing 82-68, -$10.90

Baller's Pick: UAB +8.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

LOSS: UAB doesn't cover, losing 82-68, -$10.90

10 Davidson Wildcats vs. 7 Michigan State Spartans, 9:40 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Michigan State -106, bet $10.60 to win $10

WIN: Michigan St. wins 74-73, +$10

Baller's Pick: Davidson ML (+100), bet $10 to win $10

LOSS: Michigan St. wins 74-73, -$11

14 Colgate Raiders vs. 3 Wisconsin Badgers, 9:50 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Wisconsin -320, bet $20 to win $6.25

WIN: Wisconsin wins 67-60, +$6.25

Baller's Pick: Colgate + 7.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

WIN: Colgate covers, Wisconsin wins 67-60, +$10

9 TCU Horned Frogs vs. 8 Seton Hall Pirates, 9:57 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Seton Hall -109, bet $10.90 to win $10

BAD LOSS: Seton Hall got smashed, 69-42, -$10.90

Baller's Pick: Seton Hall ML -110, bet $11 to win $10

BAD LOSS: Seton Hall got smashed, 69-42, -$11

Saturday Picks

North Carolina Tar Heels vs. 1 Baylor Bears, 12:10 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: North Carolina +5.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10; North Carolina +205, bet $5 to win $10.25

Baller's Pick: Game Over 148.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: I’ve been warning you to watch out for North Carolina all year. Well, here’s where I either look like a (minor) genius or a (bigger) idiot. The Tar Heels are big, rebound the ball, and their backcourt is playing well. They underperformed for months but in February started to show how much talent they have. Baylor is hampered with injuries and is not the team they were last year. Most years in the tournament a #1 seed is knocked off in this round. I think it happens in this first game.

Baller: I'm wary of giving 5 1/2, I'm wary of getting 5 1/2. I think I have better shot with a shootout.

9 Creighton Bluejays vs. 1 Kansas Jayhawks, 2:40 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Kansas -9.5 (-110), bet $22 to win $20

Baller's Pick: Kansas -11.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: Creighton was lucky to get out of the last round. Kansas outscores them by an average of 9.59 points per game. The Jayhawks shoot the three better and hold their opponents to less than 30% behind the arc. I can’t see the Bluejays being able to hang with the size and talent on the floor. Kansas coasts.

Baller: The advantage of making my picks after O'Sullivan, is I can see when he's going to be wrong. The disadvantage is this game is now 11 1/2 point spread.

11 Michigan Wolverines vs. 3 Tennessee Volunteers, 5:15 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Tennessee -5.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

Baller's Pick: Tennessee -6 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: Michigan was one of my strongest plays on Thursday, and so I spent the first half of their game cursing them out. They were casual with the basketball, made stupid turnovers, and defended with ambivalence. The Wolverines turned it around at halftime, but the first half was enough for me to know they aren’t up to playing with a truly good team. Which Tennessee is. The Volunteers hold their opponents under 40% shooting, and will harass Michigan’s guards. Those guards will not include the all-important DeVante Jones, who is out with a concussion. Tennessee is better, and will win easily.

Baller: Tennessee Coach Rick Barnes makes me nervous in these kinds of games, but he does have the better team. Please let that be enough.

12 Richmond Spiders vs. 4 Providence Friars, 6:10 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Providence -2.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

Baller's Pick: Game Under 134.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: Thanks to Iowa, who took my love and trust and confidence and shot 6-29 from three-point land. Thanks a lot, guys. (sigh) Anyway, Richmond still had to outlast that brickfest to beat the Hawkeyes, and now they face Providence, who took care of business against South Dakota State. I still believe Richmond doesn’t deserve to be in this tournament, and I’ll be saying it every round from now on until I die - whether or not the Spiders are still in the tournament and whether or not it’s this year’s tournament. Providence will beat Richmond up on the boards and win going away.

Baller: Both these teams play D and neither is looking for a track meet. There's no reason Richmond can't beat Providence if they beat Iowa, but at some point a roll ends, and just in case it's today I'll hope for a 65-63 slog.

5 Saint Mary’s Gaels vs. 4 UCLA Bruins, 7:10 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: UCLA -143, bet $14.30 to win $10

Baller's Pick: Saint Mary's +2.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: UCLA barely escaped Akron on Thursday night, while St. Mary’s made my Indiana upset pick look idiotic. I think it was a wake-up call for the Bruins, who do have a pedigree that will be in the back of the Gaels’ mind. While both squads have terrific adjusted-defenses, UCLA scores 75.79 points per game to St. Mary’s’ 70.12, and that slightly better offense combined with Akron’s wake-up call will have the Bruins playing harder tonight.

Baller: That UCLA pedigree in the back of the Gaels' mind is going to make them want to stomp the Bruins. I only care that should they lose, they don't lose by more than two.

15 Saint Peter’s Peacocks vs. 7 Murray State Racers, 7:45 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Saint Peter’s +8.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

Baller's Pick: Saint Peter’s +8.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: Saint Peter’s shocked the world by upsetting Kentucky, while Murray State outlasted San Francisco in overtime. I think both games were indicative: the Peacocks play hard and unafraid, and the Racers let teams hang around. Murray State’s pace of play will allow Saint Peter’s to keep the scoring low and the spread close. Also, I think Saint Peter’s is playing with house money and will let it all hang out. Murray State seemed tight until midway through the second half last night, then had to hang on to win. This game feels tight too.

Baller: Saint Peter's is not only playing with house money, they're playing with some of the money they made Coach Shaheen Holloway with their mammoth upset of Kentucky. The other thing is that the Peacocks are pretty good and after going toe to toe with the Wildcats, they won't be intimidated by Murray State. It's just basketball.

12 New Mexico State Aggies vs. 4 Arkansas Razorbacks, 8:40 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Arkansas -6 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

Baller's Pick: Arkansas -6.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: I think Arkansas got their scare on Thursday and will come out flying tonight. New Mexico State the other big upset that day, beating up UConn in a street fight that had me wondering, “Just what is a foul?” But the Razorbacks are a lot more athletic and will be amped for an up-and-down contest after surviving Vermont. Arkansas plays at the 29th fastest tempo in the country, while the Aggies play the 242nd. In a track meet, Arkansas will run away from New Mexico St.

Baller: The last time I saw New Mexico St. play two games they were very good one day and terrible the next. They were very good against Connecticut.

9 Memphis Tigers vs. 1 Gonzaga Bulldogs, 9:40 pm Eastern

O'Sullivan's Pick: Memphis +10.5 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

Baller's Pick: Gonzaga -10 (-110), bet $11 to win $10

O'Sullivan: Gonzaga’s game against Georgia State was thrilling in two regards. First, Georgia State played the Zags to a draw for twenty-five minutes, sending the country into heart palpitations. Second, after pulling away in those final fifteen minutes, Gonzaga’s bench managed to miss a free throw and allow Georgia St. to hit a three and, lo and behold, the Panthers covered the 23.5 point spread. I know I was thrilled. Anyway, to me the game also showed that Gonzaga is not invincible in any way shape or form. If teams attack the basket, Chet Holmgren be damned, and guard Drew Timme without leaving their feet, I think they can hang. I think Memphis will run and gun, trying to match talent with the Zags. They won’t win, but it’ll be a ragged game and the Tigers will be there in the end.

Baller: Gonzaga won 27 games this season and they won 26 of them by 10 or more points. The 27th they won by 9. They may lose, but if they win, history tells me it will be by more than 10.

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