O'Sullivan's Saturday Ivy Picks: Dartmouth vs Brown, Princeton vs Columbia, Harvard vs Yale, plus a parlay

Dartmouth Big Green at Brown Bears, 6 pm Eastern, Princeton Tigers at Columbia Lions, 7 pm, Harvard Crimson at Yale Bulldogs, 7 pm.
Columbia had 5 players out with the flu last night against Penn. Also seemingly out was the photographer as pictures with the Penn story are from last week's Harvard game.

Columbia had 5 players out with the flu last night against Penn. Also seemingly out was the photographer as pictures with the Penn story are from last week's Harvard game.

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Seattle O’Sullivan 2021-2022 Ivy League season so far: 37–33-1, +$52.41

(Standing Caveat: The universe is chaotic. Life is unpredictable. Things happen. Like injuries. And COVID protocols. In following Seattle O’Sullivan’s betting advice, be advised that you should always monitor your bets during the day to make certain unforeseen things have not occurred which might change your wagering opinion. Thank you.)

Dartmouth Big Green at Brown Bears, 6 pm Eastern

The Pick: Dartmouth +5.5 (-105), bet $26.25 to win $25; Dartmouth +215, bet $7.50 to win $16.13

This line started out as Dartmouth +7 but quickly moved down because anyone who’s bet on Brown over the last week not only would want that line lowered but would also want the entire Brown campus razed and ground into the dirt. Brown has started each of its last two games like they were first introduced to a basketball that morning. Bad shooting, turnovers, and a defense to cause sixth-graders to smack their heads in disgust. Most importantly, the Bears have taken my unending faith this season and spat on it. But I’m not bitter, just profit-driven (and apparently, faith does end). Tonight Brown faces a Dartmouth team who plays hard, has had horrible luck this year, and just gave Yale a game last night. I think they’re gaining confidence in an Ivy League that clearly has two tiers: the top tier of teams that screw me and the bottom tier of teams that…well, screw me. The Big Green score more than the Bears (69.9 vs. 68.2 per game), their last four Ivy losses were by an average of 4.5 points, and oh, yeah - they smacked Brown the last time the two teams played three weeks ago, 58-46. I think it's close and I'll put a taste on my new love, the Dartmouth Big Green, to pull an upset.

Princeton Tigers at Columbia Lions, 7 pm Eastern

The Pick: Princeton -11.5 (-110), bet $22 to win $20

Speaking of teams in the Ivy top tier who screwed me…Princeton, come over here; I’d like to have a word. “Well, congratulations, Princeton. By laying an absolute fart last night in Ithaca, you’re now in third place in the conference. Nice job. Tonight you go up against a team that’s literally the 11th worst team in the country. The tenth-worst defense in the country. Are you listening? No, you can have a snack in a minute. You outscore Columbia by an average of 11.6 points per game, they’ve lost five in a row at home, and oh, by the way, you guys haven’t covered more than once in your last seven. You wanna win the Ivy League? You want some more of that no-longer-relevant credit you guys get for being kinda good back when the only George Bush around was H.? Then take care of business tonight, please. Now, yes, go grab yourselves a snack. Don’t forget to take a napkin, and eat it outside.”

Harvard Crimson at Yale Bulldogs, 7 pm Eastern

The Pick: Yale -205, bet $20.50 to win $10; parlay Yale ML -205 w/Dartmouth +5.5, true price +190, bet $7.50 to win $14.29

Yesterday I suspected Yale might look past Dartmouth to tonight’s game against Harvard. Following the game, I now know they were. Despite that, the Bulldogs have won three in a row, including beating Princeton in New Jersey. They’re better than Harvard (I mean in basketball. As far as a university, well, there’s much to be made about it all being relative and higher education itself being a total scam, but whatever - we’re here to cash some tickets…). The Crimson’s 11-7 record is a little soft; they’ve played the 287th strongest adjusted schedule, and Yale plays a fast pace, so Harvard traveling from Providence to New Haven overnight will have them slightly more fatigued. Yale is in first in the Ivy; I imagine they don’t want to give that up without a fight. These two teams play again on Wednesday in Cambridge, so Harvard will have another crack. Tonight goes according to plan.

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