O'Sullivan's Tuesday Ivy League Picks: Brown at Merrimack, Albany at Yale in college basketball
Since Merrimack doesn't score much, they need to protect the rim. (Kudos to a small program for having good photos.)@MerrimackMBB on Twitter.

O'Sullivan's Tuesday Ivy League Picks: Brown at Merrimack, Albany at Yale in college basketball

Brown at Merrimack, 7 pm Eastern, Albany at Yale, 7 pm.

I have to say, sweating out a Columbia/Colgate over/under during the game’s last minute on the ESPN app really makes you start questioning your choices in life…as in, “Just how alive do I feel right now?!” and “Why has it taken me so long to figure out what makes me feel this alive?!” Questions like that.

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Brown at Merrimack, 7 pm Eastern

The Pick: over 118.5 points (-115), bet $5.75 to win $5

Albany at Yale, 7 pm Eastern

The Pick: Parlay Brown -2.5 w/Yale moneyline (-880), true price +116, bet $20 to win $23.28

I mean, this is essentially taking Brown -2.5 and getting a little value, right, Yale? Right?! Brown is 43 spots higher than Merrimack in the Pomeroy rankings, and despite the fact they’re on the road, they’ve played (and hung with) much better teams than the Warriors. The Bears have played North Carolina and Colorado tough, and Creighton…well, not as tough. But they’re used to playing high-level competition. Merrimack has played Virginia Tech and lost by 29 (scoring only 43), and played Rutgers and lost by 13 (scoring only 35). Those putrid scores make me a little worried about the over, but Brown’s only total under 65 points was to Colorado. It’s not impossible the score is Brown 118.5, Merrimack 0, and I’d almost appreciate the uniqueness of that push.

As for Yale - a wise man told me that the Bulldogs are bullies. They cave to stronger teams but beat up on weaker teams. Albany is a weaker team. Right, Yale? Right?!

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