In last year's CAA final, Hofstra’s Justin Wright-Foreman covers his eyes. (Mic Smith)
In last year's CAA final, Hofstra’s Justin Wright-Foreman covers his eyes. (Mic Smith)|Associated Press

On a slow Monday night, Mike Kern's hoping dogs play tough mixing Delaware vs Hofstra with Western Michigan vs Toledo

Mike Kern

Mike Kern

Not much going on tonight, but we’ll try anyway.

In the Colonial semifinals in Washington, I’m going to tease Delaware up to a +8 against the top seed Hofstra. The first meeting was a 1-point game, the next one not so close. I just think this one might be at least reasonably tight, since a lot of conference tourneys tend to be. Hofstra’s defense smothered Drexel in the quarters, while the Blue Hens were able to beat Charleston for the first time in awhile. I was thinking Hofstra at first, but the line has come down for whatever that means.

And with it, in a MAC playoff opener, we’ll take Western Michigan +15 at Toledo. My guy out there was inclined to take the home team, and the line has indeed moved in Toledo’s direction. And the Rockets did look good at home over the weekend in the regular-season finale. So I hope my friend isn’t too right, cause the Rockets have given me some fits lately. Oh well. It’s only money. And since it is the CAA and the MAC, please don’t go overboard here. There will be plenty of more higher-level stuff coming up later in the week and beyond. But the object is to cash tickets, so there’s always that. Just need a reason to keep from having to watch the Food Network or Columbo reruns.

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