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Friday College Hoops - Kern picks the Ivy League and the MAC

Mike Kern

Mike Kern

It’s Friday, which must mean it’s another Ivy League kind of night. For better or whatever.

OK, let’s try two teasers, because we almost always do. We’re going to take both Penn and Princeton, each playing at home, against Cornell and Columbia, the league’s two worst teams. Penn will now be laying 6.5 points, and Princeton 5.5. Neither of the visiting teams has a road win. But this league has been a little goofy at times, so show at least some discretion.

With that, let’s go with Brown getting 15.5 at Harvard, and Dartmouth getting 11.5 at home against Yale. Yale has won its last four, but all but one of them was close. The Bulldogs did win the first meeting by 18. Harvard has won six straight, but just hoping that we can get two at least reasonably tight ones here. And hope that’s not asking too much.

If you really need a little something more to keep you going, there’s always the MAC. But this can be even more fragile than the Ivies, so tread carefully. Just maybe a taste. Take Toledo to win at home against Eastern Michigan, and Buffalo getting a touchdown at Bowling Green.

Happy motoring.

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