Lucas Monroe in action for Penn basketball
Lucas Monroe in action for Penn basketball|@PennBasketball on Twitter

Ivy League NCAAB picks from Kern: Penn vs Dartmouth, maybe Princeton vs Harvard if you push him

Mike Kern

Mike Kern

It’s Friday, which at least in my world means it’s mostly either Ivy League or not much else to choose from. But you of course aren’t me.

The four games are Penn laying 2 at Dartmouth, Brown giving 4 at Columbia, Princeton getting 7.5 at Harvard and Yale giving 11.5 at Cornell. All are rematches. With the exception of Harvard, the favorites won all of the first matchups.

I’m really not in love with anything on the board. If I were leaning I’d go with maybe Penn as my best play. But so many of these top teams have been mainly inconsistent. So you have to do whatever it is you’re going to do with some degree of caution. But since many of us have to put at least a little something on something, you could try a teaser or two. If pushed I’d probably go with Penn getting moved to plus 3 along with Princeton pushing up to 12.5.

That’s about the best I can come up with, especially coming off a really good Thursday. Sometimes it’s best to just lay low for a bit. There will be plenty of chances over the weekend to make up for that.

So go light or don’t go at all. Nothing wrong with having a reason to root for the Philly team and the rival that’s right up I-95.

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