Villanova’s Eric Paschall dunks against Creighton earlier this month
Villanova’s Eric Paschall dunks against Creighton earlier this month|Associated Press

The Wednesday Philly Props: Villanova

Over 72.5 Points

Bob Vetrone

Bob Vetrone

Since you have already read the Single Digits column this afternoon, you know Villanova is riding a 13-0 streak in a Big East game following a conference loss dating back five seasons.

That in itself does not do us much good when they are laying 10.5 to Providence and the money line is -620. But we looked back at the score of those 13 rebound wins and saw something we liked.

Although the conventional wisdom is that Jay Wright’s teams would clamp down on defense to head off a losing streak -- which they do -- they also tend to find their offensive rhythm.

Last year, the eventual national champions posted totals of 100, 86, 95 and 69 following a loss. Over the 13-win stretch we mentioned, the Wildcats are averaging 82.8 points a game.

This Villanova team hasn’t broken 70 in two games, but we know they have more firepower than that and they should unleash it against the Fryars.

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