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NCAAB: The Friday Ivy Teaser has a couple games to avoid

Princeton +7 @ YALE (138.5), 7 pm; Penn Pick ’em @ BROWN (139), 7 pm; Columbia +11.5 @ HARVARD (130.5), 7 pm; Cornell +3.5 @ DARTMOUTH (138.5), 7 pm

Howard Gensler

Howard Gensler

Yes, it’s time for another round of mix-and-match Ivy teasers. Remember you can’t tease the spread and the over/under in the same game (unless your bookmaker loves you.)

Princeton +7 @ YALE (138.5), 7 pm. Yale has been the better team and playing better, but we think Princeton has a slim, but good enough chance to beat Yale that we’d rather give Princeton the Teaser points and assume they’ll stay in the game.
Pick: Princeton +12 Over Yale and Over 133.5.

Penn Pick ’em @ BROWN (139), 7 pm. The toughest game of the night is a pick ‘em for a reason. These two teams are pretty even except that Penn has played the tougher schedule and has the better wins. But the Pitz should be rocking tonight and these two 1-3 League teams are in for a war. As these things tend to go, it’ll either be a blowout or a nail biter and this is my heart talking more than my head.
Pick: Penn +5 over Brown and Over 134.

Columbia +11.5 @ HARVARD (130.5). Columbia’s Stefanini and Adlesh should not be able to go off at Harvard like they did at home against Penn last weekend. The Crimson seem to be rolling now so giving them the points seems like the best bet of the night.
Pick: HARVARD -6.5 over Columbia and Over 125.5.

Cornell +3.5 @ DARTMOUTH (138.5), 7 pm. The Big Green has been playing well this year and needs this win to have any hope of staying in the hunt for the four-spot Ivy Tournament. Like the Penn-Brown game, I could pick this either way with limited confidence.
Pick: Dartmouth +1.5 Over Cornell and Over 133.5.

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