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NCAAB: Thursday Teaser

Duke -8.5 vs. Texas Tech at MSG, Yale -10.5 @ Monmouth

Howard Gensler

Howard Gensler

Pick: Duke -3.5 paired with Yale -5.5

The Texas Tech Red Raiders (10-0) are coming to the Big Apple with a chance to gain mad respect at the hands of the Duke Blue Devils (10-1). Duke has been steamrolling teams recently but haven’t played anyone as good as Texas Tech since November. The Red Raiders have been pounding everyone with their stifling defense but haven’t played anyone. Period. Their strength of schedule so far, according to Ken Pomeroy ranks 350th in the country. Are the Red Raiders for real? Maybe. But real enough to play within 4 points of Duke on the biggest stage? We don’t think so. We’re pairing Duke with Yale (5-3), a team Duke beat by 33 points 12 days ago. Tonight, Yale is playing at Monmouth, the best 0-11 team in the country. The Hawks played a good Hofstra team close on the road two weeks ago, but then got whipped at Albany. Unless Monmouth picks tonight to turn the ship around, Yale should win by at least 6.

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