Our Top 4 NBA Draft Bets for the First 10 Picks

These are our favorite bets in the top 10 of the 2024 NBA Draft!
Our Top 4 NBA Draft Bets for the First 10 Picks
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The NBA draft is nearly here, and with it, draft night speculation grows thick. With rumors flying we’ll name some of the best NBA draft bets out there. In this article, we’ll focus on NBA prospects most likely landing spots, and their draft position. As the top of the draft continues to be in motion with likely trades, and little certainty we’ll be focusing on low picks in the draft lottery and beyond.

San Antonio Spurs Pick #8: Tidjane Salaun +400

Can the follow-up to San Antonio’s epic draft in 2023 possibly get any better, well no, but they can add another French guy. Tidjane Salaun has been one of the biggest risers in this draft process, with an impressive frame of 6’10 with over a 7-foot wingspan he is built for the NBA. Recently finishing his season playing for Cholet Basketball in France, his stats were modest, but he impressed scouts with his massive improvement over his 54 games season.

He’s shown flashes as a 3-point threat, and versatile defender, but most importantly he’s friends with French super-star Victor Wembanyama who landed on the Spurs last season. This relationship and his seemingly unlimited potential make Salaun an ideal pick at #8 for the Spurs. With +400 odds, this line has some weight to it with the only threat to it being if Salaun is selected before #8.

Utah Jazz Pick #10: Nikola Topic +550

Nikola Topic has been one of the most active prospects at the top of this draft class. For a brief time even being mocked at #1 by multiple draft boards. He finished his season on about the worst possible note, suffering a partially torn ACL in the Adriatic League playoffs. Following his injury Topic also measured slightly smaller than expected with a negative wingspan. This has caused his draft stock to slip, but for Utah, this might be the best thing that could have happened.

Topic could easily still be selected higher by teams like San Antonio or Charlotte, but Utah is most likely his floor. If he is still on the board at #10 it is a surefire bet that Utah will take the Serbian point guard. With +550 odds on this line, there is plenty of meat on the bone.

Portland Trail Blazers #7: Cody Williams +400

The basketball situation in Portland has been bleak following the trade of Damian Lillard. Landing the worst record in the Western Conference and then losing the draft lottery. There is how however a silver lining in all of this, an assortment of wings in the current draft class which Portland is in desperate need of. While not their first choice Colorado’s Cody Williams fits everything they could ask for in a wing, and will likely still be on the board when they select at #7.

Showcasing his skills as a 3 and D wing at Colorado, Williams has the potential to be an excellent small forward. Following a reportedly great meeting and workout with Portland Williams seems to be the prime target at #7. At +400 he’s become the betting favorite, and as the draft draws closer all reports have begun to confirm this. It also doesn’t hurt that he is the younger brother of OKC’s Jalen Williams.

Detroit Pistons Pick #5: Matas Buzelis -120

Detroit has been in the unenviable spot of losing the NBA draft lottery for the third year in a row, landing at the #5 pick. Following a devastating season that resulted in the team firing head coach Montey Williams in his first year of a six-year contract. It’s easy to say the Pistons might be the most downtrodden team in the NBA currently. There may be some light at the end of the tunnel, however. Matas Buzelis could be the player that finally helps Detroit climb out of their hole. Following a challenging season playing for the G-League ignite, Buzelis has remained at the top of most draft boards.

His impressive size, athleticism, and scoring abilities make him one of the most well-rounded prospects in the draft. Projected at #1 at the beginning of the year Buzelis has been slipping down boards due to his poor shooting in the G-league. With the line set at -120 there is strong confidence if Buzelis is on the board at #5 Detroit will not hesitate to select him. Placing him into one of the best situations for his skill set playing alongside guards Jaden Ivey and Cade Cunningham.

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