Our Favorite 2024 NBA Draft Bets

Don't miss out on some of our favorite lines before the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft!
Ron Holland Dunking on the G-League Ignite

The day has finally come, the 2024 NBA draft begins today with the first round kicking off at 8 PM EDT. After months of anticipation, we’ll finally see where these players will be calling home.  Join us as we break down some of the best betting lines for the 2024 NBA draft!

Stephone Castle playing for UConn

Charlotte Hornets #6: Stephon Castle +500

Starting off with the Hornets taking Stephon Castle at #6. Following a championship year as a freshman at UConn, Castle proved himself as an elite hustler and all-around player. Providing a modest box score, Castles' impact stretches beyond the numbers. He is a certified beast, at 6’7 with a 6’9 wingspan he has the size to play multiple positions, and the skills to impact every aspect of the game. 

The Hornets are in desperate need of a glue guy following another disappointing season full of injuries. Castle provides structure behind the elite scoring of LaMelo Ball, and Brandon Miller, helping to fill the gaps on both sides of the door. At +500 Castle isn’t the favorite to land at this position, but in terms of basketball fit and need, Castle is the obvious choice in our eyes. The only threat to this pick is Castle being off the board, but if he’s available it’s doubtful he falls below Charlotte. 

Chicago Bulls #11: Ron Holland +400

Selecting at #11 the Bulls have been stuck in NBA purgatory. With an indecisive front office and a half-baked team, this roster has been sailing directionless for years. However, things finally might be changing in the Windy City. Following a trade made earlier this week to acquire Josh Giddey from the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago might set themselves up for a rebuild. 

If Chicago is indeed aiming to start over and rebuild their roster around young talent, Ron Holland is the ideal piece to start with. Following a disappointing season on the G-League Ignite, Holland has slipped down many draft boards, despite being one of the players with the highest potential. As the second-best high school recruit just a year ago, Holland has shown elite levels of athleticism and versatility on the court. He struggled to shoot while on the Ignite roster, but still managed to be the best player on the roster. At +400 odds, he’s an ideal selection for a fresh Bulls team to build around. 

Portland Trail Blazers #14: Zach Edey +750

There was little to feel positive about Portland’s 23-24 season finishing dead last in the Western Conference. Even their #3 pick in the 2023 draft struggled to find his footing in the league, leading to doubt surrounding the entire roster. With the roster so far away from any sort of competitiveness, it’s natural that Portland might take a big swing with their second pick in the lottery. 

Zach Edey is a familiar name if you watch any college basketball this year. The big man from Purdue was the best player in college basketball putting up insane numbers and making a deep push in the NCAA tournament. With his draft stock steadily rising over the last month Edey has impressed NBA scout. Even though there is doubt surrounding Edey’s game transferring to the NBA level, he’s still a worthwhile swing at #14. Providing unmatched size, and interior skill to a team desperate to find a competitive edge. At +750 Edey isn’t the favorite at #14, but with recent rumors surrounding Portland’s interest, he’s a strong bet for that position.

Zach Edey playing basketball for Purdue

Miami Heat #15: Jared McCain +750

Miami fell short this year after a historic run of post-season blitzes. Suffering from injuries, and depth issues, Miami struggled to perform all season. To make the situation worse, Miami's star player Jimmy Butler might be on the move as well, leaving the roster thin. Regardless of what happens with Butler, the roster needs a guard to back up Terry Rozier, however. 

At #15 many of the guards will already be off the board, that’s where the freshman guard from Duke fits in. Jared McCain showed an elite skill set in his one season playing for the Blue Devils. Hitting his 3-pointers at over 40%, McCain could provide the primary ball-handing and scoring Miami needs. Hitting well with their pick of Jaime Jaquez Jr. last year, adding a young guard would help boost Miami's young core they’ve already developed. With the line sitting around +750, nothing is certain, but in terms of roster building, McCain will probably be the best player on the board for Miami. 

LA Lakers #17: Tristan da Silva +650

The Lakers are at what might be a crossroads following a lackluster season behind the efforts of LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. The pair combined for what was their best season as Lakers, but still, the team fell well short of their expectations. With both AD and LeBron aging, it’s unclear what their productivity will look like in the coming season, and with limited assets, the teams will struggle to make changes. Adding NBA-ready talent is the most valuable thing they can do to extend the AD and LeBron era. 

Tristan da Silva is that NBA-ready talent. Finishing up his senior year at Colorado, da Silva stood out as a rock-solid contributor on both ends of the floor. As one of the oldest prospects in the draft, he’d likely be able to slot right into a rotation role on the Lakers. Providing them much needed size, and perimeter scoring. With the line at +650, he’s far from a lock, but if the Lakers do intend to continue building around LeBron, da Silva is an ideal addition. 

New Orleans Pelicans #21: Kel’el Ware +600

The Pelicans can simply not catch a break. With hopes high this last season, Zion Williamson finally looked like the player everyone thought he could be. He was a dominant force, and the team looked like a tough matchup in the playoffs. However, that’s not how things ended, with Zion suffering an injury and their playoff strength falling apart. This is just the last season in a string of frustration for rosters who view themselves as borderline contenders. Now the rumor mill is pointing to Brandon Ingram as a potential trade piece. If one thing is clear, the Pelicans roster is far from complete. 

That’s where a swing on Indiana big man Kel’el Ware could play in. With the team likely letting the current center Jonas Valančiūnas walk in free agency they’ll need a replacement. Standing at 7’1 with a 7’4 wingspan, Ware has the size to fill the role. His most appealing attribute is his perimeter scoring to spread the floor for Zion. Ware shot over 40% from 3 this last season, which could pair excellently with the Pels current roster. With the line set at +600, Ware appears to be a top candidate to land at the #21 pick. 

Kel'el Ware playing basketball at Indiana

Our Favorite Alternative Draft Bets 

Top 3 Exact Order: Risacher, Sarr, Sheppard -150

The top end of the draft has finally settled into a more confident picture. With Sarr refusing to work out for the Atlanta Hawks it appears he is trying to land #2 to the Wizards. This has shaped the top 3 selections into a more understandable picture. Now that Risacher appears to be the betting favorite for #1 the line of Risacher, Sarr, and Sheppard as the first three selected in that order feels solid. At -150 there isn’t a ton of meat on the bone here, but there is enough information floating around to feel confident about it. 

Who Will be Drafted First Round

Our 3 favorite players who might be drafted on the fridge of the first round are: 

  • Ryan Dun: -300

  • Bobi Klintman: +140

  • Tyler Smith: -130 

Our Favorite Draft Position Over Under Bets 

Cody Williams Under 8.5: -115 

Williams has been connected to multiple teams above 8. Portland at #7 has been a particularly interesting suitor in Williams. Other teams like Charlotte at #6 and San Antonio at #8 are two other strong suitors. 

Dalton Knecht Over 7.5: +160 

Even though Dalton has been a prime target for teams like Charlotte and Portland, there is a chance he will fall past those two teams. With teams higher than Charlotte unlikely to take Knecht this feels like a strong bet considering the plus odds. 

Kyle Filipowski Under 23.5: +110 

Filipowski has dropped significantly from his original projections as a top-10 guy in the draft. Following a less successful season at Duke, he still managed to fill out the box score. With serval teams like Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Toronto potential in the market for a big Filipowski could easily end up being selected about 24. With plus odds, this is an easy selection. 

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