O'Sullivan's Saturday NBA Picks: 76ers at Bulls, plus parlay pairing Nuggets and Suns
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O'Sullivan's Saturday NBA Picks: 76ers at Bulls, plus parlay pairing Nuggets and Suns

Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls, 8 pm Eastern.

Seattle O’Sullivan 2021-2022 NBA Season so far: 36-52–2, -$248.84 (two wagers pending at press time)

Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls, 8 pm Eastern

The Pick: Philadelphia +3.5 (-115), bet $5.75 to win $5

It’s the extra half-point that convinces me, here. These two teams wound up playing a close one in Philly on Monday, but Chicago was actually down a dozen points after the third quarter. The Sixers are the better team, and while I think the Bulls are better than expected, I still think they’re playing over their heads just a tad. Sixer malcontent Ben Simmons just got fined again, and I continue to think his absence actually helps Philadelphia. I believe they don’t want him back and will continue to play hard to prove it. With the spread at 3.5 instead of 3, I’m willing to put a little cash on it.

Moneyline Parlay: Denver (-590) w/Phoenix (-205), true price -136, bet $7.50 to win $5.55

Again, I’m rationalizing my parlay play here with the notion that ultimately, the price is just over a typical spread bet. Both Denver and Phoenix are at home. The Nuggets are playing Houston and I will continue to fade the Rockets until I’m blue in the face. The Suns are also at home. Now, I’m not going to weigh in on the ongoing Phoenix owner Robert Sarver disaster except to say this: The players and coaches seem pretty committed to ignoring him as best they can and focusing on their business. I think the nightmare will be off the court, but on the court, coach Monty Williams and the team will strive to prove they’re not thrown off by it. The Suns are better than the Hawks, star guard Devin Booker will be up to go toe-to-toe with Hawk guard Trae Young, and the Hawks have been beaten up a little bit this past week playing the NBA’s elite. Another dose of humility is doled out tonight.

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