NBA Opening Night: O'Sullivan picks Nets at Bucks, Warriors at Lakers, with KD, Giannis, LeBron & Steph
Giannis celebrating the 2021 title. The new season starts tonight withe the Bucks hosting the Nets.@Bucks on Twitter

NBA Opening Night: O'Sullivan picks Nets at Bucks, Warriors at Lakers, with KD, Giannis, LeBron & Steph

Brooklyn Nets at Milwaukee Bucks, 7:40 pm EDT, Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers, 10 pm.

Before we move onto the NBA (and later, the NCAA), allow me to give a hearty congratulations to the WNBA 2021 Champions, the Chicago Sky. The Sky overcame an uneven, mediocre regular season (which gave me a number of aggravating betting losses) to peak at just the right time and definitively prove themselves the best team in the league (while also giving me some more aggravating betting losses).

Now, I shift my attention, research, and models to the men – both professionally and (eye roll) amateur. With this shift, I’ll start using standard $100 betting units so we can keep specific track of how much I’m ahead (saying “or behind” is negative thinking and I won’t traffic in that (eye roll)).

Seattle O’Sullivan 2021 WNBA Season: 143-120-1

Seattle O’Sullivan 2021-2022 NBA Season so far: 0-0, $0 won/lost.

Brooklyn Nets at Milwaukee Bucks, 7:40 pm Eastern

The Pick: Brooklyn +1.5 (-110)

The NBA season kicks off with a rematch of what was perhaps the best playoff series of last season. Were it not for the injuries to Brooklyn’s stars (and the length of Kevin Durant’s sneaker touching the three-point line), the Nets might’ve been crowned champions. But Durant has big feet and the Bucks won that series, and the ring. It might’ve been a year ahead of schedule. This season, reigning NBA M.V.P. Giannis Antetokounmpo may have the confidence of someone who now knows he can reach the top of the mountain. But Brooklyn not only has the sting of a tough defeat in their minds, but they also won’t be “burdened” tonight by two things: the rigamarole of the opening-night celebration of the championship, or the rigamarole of Kyrie Irving questions. However you feel about Irving’s vaccination status, I think Brooklyn’s other players will find actual refuge on the court, where they won’t have to answer questions about their teammate and where they can chase what they failed to get last year. I think Durant and James Harden will be on a mission, at least for tonight. Take the points.

Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers, 10 pm Eastern

The Pick: Los Angeles -156

What am I missing here? The Lakers still have LeBron James and Anthony Davis, right? Klay Thompson is still out for the Warriors, right? I’m not saying that, over the course of the season that Los Angeles is a given or that Golden State won’t be on the rise. I do think by April, Golden State will be a team to watch. But tonight, the Lakers are at home to kick off the season with two top-ten players in the league. We’re just starting the season so statistics aren’t as much a consideration as feel – and it feels like LeBron James knows he’s only got a little time left to cement his already-cemented legacy. I think James (and to a lesser extent, Davis) will be on their own mission, at least for tonight. The money line price isn’t too expensive, so I’ll take a straight win.

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