Olympics Men's Basketball: O'Sullivan picks USA vs France and Australia vs Nigeria in Sunday play
Keldon Johnson going up against Spain. @usabasketball on Twitter

Olympics Men's Basketball: O'Sullivan picks USA vs France and Australia vs Nigeria in Sunday play

Australia vs Nigeria is at 4:20 EDT, USA vs France starts at 8 am EDT.

The Olympics have started and I, for one, think about when I was a child growing up, and how much the pageantry, storylines, and drama inherent in the Games meant to me back then…and how now, all I care about is making some money off smart plays.

Jaded? Perhaps. Disillusioned? Maybe. I blame Ben Johnson and, if we’re being honest, Mary Decker.

Whatever; let’s earn.

(Based on my prognosticating genius to this point, my editor has humbly requested I work both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball beats for these Games. So make sure you note the gender of each game, which can be tricky when you’re watching the ticker on ESPN and when you're gambling here. All times will be Tokyo time. You’re gonna have to stay ahead and keep checking here, then file mental notes, in order to be on top of things. I trust you can handle it.)

(Editor's note: We will try to accurately change the times to EDT.)

Seattle O’Sullivan so far on the WNBA: 68-55-1

Moneyline Parlay Men's Basketball: USA (-800)/Australia (-350) - True Price: -222

Australia goes into its first Olympic matchup against Nigeria (Sunday, 5:20 pm Tokyo, 4:20 am EDT) with six NBA players on its roster, and perhaps as important to my thinking, NOT seven NBA players. Philadelphia 76er Ben Simmons will not be on the squad so he can focus on “individual skill development,” which quite frankly, sounds like he’s skipping the Games to practice for his driver’s license test. Whatever; I think Australia’s better off without the distraction. I like their mix of experience and youth, and will happily take them to cheapen the price of the United States in its opening game.

Men’s Basketball: France vs. the United States of America, 9 pm Sunday in Tokyo, 8 am Sunday EDT.

The Pick: USA -12 (-110)

The French team has players like Nicolas Batum and Evan Fournier. The United States has Kevin Durant. I mean, come on. Now, I know all about America losing to Nigeria and Australia, and actually having to put the ghost of Kevin Love on the squad, even for just a few days. I know about all of that. I don’t care. At some point, they’re going to kick it into gear and throw everything in but the kitchen sink. If it’s not in their opening game, where they MUST make a statement, then at least we know to stay away from them and make sure they're all punished for tarnishing Coach Gregg Popovich's reputation. Also, newly crowned champion Milwaukee Bucks Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton (as well as runner-up Phoenix Sun Devin Booker) are joining the team. They can’t possibly hurt. If it's not now, it's never. I think it's now.

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