Sunday NBA Playoff Prop Bets: Fats suggests Khris Middleton, Bruce Brown, Jae Crowder, Giannis and the Joker

Nets at BUCKS 3:05 pm EDT, Suns at NUGGETS 8:05 pm.
Khris Middleton will need to bring the clutch again in Game 4 vs. the Nets.
Khris Middleton will need to bring the clutch again in Game 4 vs. the Nets.@Bucks on Twitter

2-2 yesterday with a minuscule loss.

Sunday Playoff Picks

Two games, five plays. Double-double odds very interesting today as Bruce Brown is a +365 and Kyrie Irving and Blake Griffin are both +600. Really? I don't think any are particularly likely, especially if we get another brick-fest, but from a betting standpoint I don't see how Brown would be more likely to go double-double than the other two. But that's why THEY get paid the big bucks.

All wagers and returns based on $10. Please check game time lineups before wagering.

Nets at BUCKS 3:05 pm EDT, Suns at NUGGETS 8:05 pm.

3-pointers: Khris Middleton (Bucks) double-double +225 (returns $32.50) Middleton is coming off a double-double and seems to have found his shot. Can he get the rebounds? He's done it in three of the last four games.

2-pointers: Bruce Brown (Nets) Over 2.5 assists +106 (returns $20.60) Brown is 3+ assists in each of the last four games and after getting social media grief for taking a last-minute shot he may be a tad more eager to look for KD and Kyrie. Or not. It was a good shot. He just missed.

Free throws: Jae Crowder (Suns) Over 11.5 points -105 (returns $19.60) Crowder has been terrifically consistent throughout the playoffs scoring between 8 and 18 points every game. In the last 6 games, he's hit three or more threes. He ain't scoring 30, but he's more likely to score 12 than not.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks) Over 5.5 assists -106 (returns $19.50) Giannis averaged nearly 6 assists for the season but his numbers have been down the past few games because no one on the Bucks besides he and Middleton can make a shot. Law of averages.

Nikola Jokic (Nuggets) Over 49.5 points, rebounds, assists -106 (returns $19.50) It's the MVP's last stand. He may score 90 and the Nuggets could still lose, but I think he'll go down swinging. And he did have a 62 PRA in the last game.

Steals: None

Saturday Results


2-pointers: Royce O'Neale (Jazz) Over 7.5 points +105 (returns $20.50) O'Neale hit four threes and finished with 12 points.

Steals: Nicolas Batum (Clippers) Over 12.5 points, rebounds, assists -115 (returns $18.70) Batum was inserted into the starting lineup and responded big time: 17-7-2, for a 26 PRA.


3-pointers: Paul George (Clippers) double-double +205 (returns $30.50) George had a terrific game, 31-3-5, but not a double-double.

2-pointers: Ivica Zubac (Clippers) Over 6.5 points +100 (returns $20.00) Zubac came off the bench and finished with 3 points.




$40 wagered (2-2), $39.20 returned

Day 22: -$.80

Total: +$74.30 (53-72 off 125 $10 wagers)


Total: -$44.60 (4-10 off 14 $10 wagers)

Regular Season:

Total: +20.65 (252-326 off 578 $10 wagers)

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