Saturday NBA Prop Bets: Fats picks Paul George, Royce O'Neale, Ivica Zubac, Nicolas Batum
Ivica Zubac with the flush for the Clippers.@LAClippers on Twitter

Saturday NBA Prop Bets: Fats picks Paul George, Royce O'Neale, Ivica Zubac, Nicolas Batum

Jazz at CLIPPERS 8:35 pm EDT.

1-5 yesterday as the losing streak continues. What did I learn yesterday? Gosh, did Nokla Jokic deserve the MVP. I thought the Knicks would have been bad without Julius Randle this season, but the Nuggets may have been worse. Without Jamal Murray, they're not ready. Michael Porter Jr. needs another year. If the Suns and Jazz hold on, Chris Paul and Devin Booker vs. Donovan Mitchell and a healthy Mike Conley could be a very entertaining series. With Joel Embiid, the Sixers look to be too much for the Hawks, but I think the Hawks have another run in them.

Saturday Playoff Picks

One games, four plays.

All wagers and returns based on $10. Please check game time lineups before wagering.

Jazz at CLIPPERS 8:35 pm EDT.

3-pointers: Paul George (Clippers) double-double +205 (returns $30.50) George has gone double-double in 5 straight playoff games and in the sixth he missed by 1 rebound.

2-pointers: Royce O'Neale (Jazz) Over 7.5 points +105 (returns $20.50) O'Neale has been taking the whole game to get over this number, but he's been doing it. And if he can do it at -109, he can do it at +105.

Ivica Zubac (Clippers) Over 6.5 points +100 (returns $20.00) Zubac has been playing more minutes this series and scoring more points – 11 and 7.

Free throws: None.

Steals: Nicolas Batum (Clippers) Over 12.5 points, rebounds, assists -115 (returns $18.70) Unless the oddsmakers know Batum is going to be a victim of the Ty Lue hook, this number seems low, possibly even sucker bet territory. In 9 playoff games, Batum's worst number has been a 12 and in L.A.'s four home games, he's averaged more than 18 PRA, with his worst game being a 13.

Friday Results


Free throws: Tobias Harris (Sixers) Over 31.5 points, rebounds, assists -105 (returns $19.60) Harris went 22-8-5 = 35 PRA.


3-pointers: Michael Porter Jr. (Nuggets) double-double +600 (returns $70.00) Porter went 15-5-1.

2-pointers: Devin Booker (Suns) Over 2.5 made threes +140 (returns $24.00) Booker went 2-7 from three.

Michael Porter Jr. (Nuggets) Over 26.5 points, rebounds, assists +110 (returns $21.00) Porter went 15-5-1 = 21 PRA

Trae Young (Hawks) double-double +105 (returns $20.50) Young had 28 points but only 8 assists.

Chris Paul (Suns) double-double +100 (returns $20.00) Paul had a great game but went 27-6-8.




$60 wagered (1-5), $19.60 returned

Day 21: -$40.40

Total: +$75.10 (51-70 off 121 $10 wagers)


Total: -$44.60 (4-10 off 14 $10 wagers)

Regular Season:

Total: +20.65 (252-326 off 578 $10 wagers)

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