8 Sunday NBA Props: Fats picks Luka, Kawhi, Durant, Drummond, Harden, Crowder, Marcus Smart, and RJ Barrett

Knicks at HAWKS 1:05 pm EDT, Suns at LAKERS 3:35 pm, Nets at CELTICS 7:05 pm, Clippers at MAVERICKS 9:35 pm.
To Luka Doncic, this is the triple-threat position: He can shoot, pass or dribble.
To Luka Doncic, this is the triple-threat position: He can shoot, pass or dribble.@dallasmavs on Twitter

Yesterday was a 1-6 disaster. Can't fault the picks, but that's why it's gambling and why those oddsmakers keep their jobs.

Sunday Playoff Picks

Four games, eight plays.

All wagers and returns based on $10. Please check game time lineups before wagering.

Knicks at HAWKS 1:05 pm EDT, Suns at LAKERS 3:35 pm, Nets at CELTICS 7:05 pm, Clippers at MAVERICKS 9:35 pm.

3-pointers: Luka Doncic (Mavericks) triple-double +395 (returns $49.50) Doncic had a triple-double in the first game win and went 44-9-9 in the third game loss. If his teammates can make some shots, I think he does it again tonight and then announces a run for Texas governor.

2-pointers: Kevin Durant (Nets) double-double +167 (returns $26.70) KD isn't a double-double machine, but he's had one in the series and three in the past 10 games. The thing is, from a wagering factor, in four of the games he missed out (over the past 10) he had 9 rebounds and in one he had 8 assists. So the odds are pretty good, that unless the game is a crazy blowout, at some point you're going to be yelling for KD to hit the boards or pass the ball.

Andre Drummond (Lakers) Over 9.5 rebounds +105 (returns $20.50) Drummond has had 10+ boards in seven of the last 10 games and in two others he's had 9. With a 12:30 West Coast start, I think there will be a lot of missed shots to go around.

James Harden (Nets) double-double And Nets win +105 (returns $20.50) Harden is a double-double machine and I don't think Jayson Tatum will go for 50 again, so the Nets should win.

Jae Crowder (Suns) Over 9.5 points +104 (returns $20.40) Crowder is a horrid 2-20 from three in the first three games of this series. As the oddsmakers have him at -210 to hit at least two threes this game, they're expecting a little bounce back. So am I.

Marcus Smart (Celtics) Over 24.5 points, rebounds, assists +100 (returns $20.00) Smart has gone over this number in all three games of the series, so I'll take double my money for him to do it again.

Free throws: Kawhi Leonard (Clippers) Over 4.5 assists -103 (returns $19.80) Kawhi averaged over 5 assists for the season but has been a little below that this series. I think a few more Clippers get involved tonight to get him over the number.

RJ Barrett (Knicks) Over 23.5 points, rebounds, assists -105 (returns $19.60) The last four games Barrett has scored single digits, he's put up 20+ the next game. Here's hoping that continues. I'm tempted to take him as game high scorer at +2300 but fear that's my heart and not my head.

Steals: None

Saturday Results


2-pointers: Jimmy Butler (Heat) double-double +178 (returns $27.80) Butler struggled again but went 12-10-10 for a triple-double.


Bucks at HEAT 1:35 pm EDT, Nuggets at TRAIL BLAZERS 4:05 pm, Sixers at WIZARDS 7:05 pm, Jazz at GRIZZLIES 9:35 pm.

3-pointers: Ja Morant (Grizzlies) double-double +330 (returns $43.00) Morant went 28-3-7, in anther strong effort in defeat.

Jrue Holiday (Bucks) double-double +220 (returns $32.00) Holiday came up 1 assist short in an 11-6-9 sweep of the Heat.

Mike Conley (Jazz) double-double +230 (returns $33.00) Conley was terrific, he just came up a little short in filling the right boxes, going 27-6-8.

Free throws: Damian Lillard (Trail Blazers) Over 46.5 points, rebounds, assists -103 (returns $19.90) Portland played great in a 115-95 win but Lillard shot 1-10 and went 10-8-10 = 28.

Tobias Harris (Sixers) Over 21. 5 points -106 (returns $19.50) Harris scored 20 in another Sixers blowout.

Steals: Alex Len (Wizards) Over 10.5 points, rebounds, assists -113 (returns $18.90) Wanted to ride the more productive Daniel Gafford again, but couldn't get odds. Len went 2-2-1 in 10 minutes. Gafford went for 16 and 6 in 22 minutes.




$70 wagered (1-6), $27.80 returned

Day 8: -$42.20

Total: +$47.90 (18-29 off 47 $10 wagers)


Total: -$44.60 (4-10 off 14 $10 wagers)

Regular Season:

Total: +20.65 (252-326 off 578 $10 wagers)

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