NBA Wednesday Prop Picks: Fats likes Julius Randle, Bogdan Bogdanovic and Knicks vs Hawks

Hawks at KNICKS 8:05 pm EDT.
Julius Randle and Derrick Rose after another Knicks win.
Julius Randle and Derrick Rose after another Knicks win.@nyknicks on Twitter

2-5 last night, a few bad breaks, at least one bad bet. More lessons learned.

Wednesday picks

One game, three plays.

All wagers and returns based on $10. Please check game time lineups before wagering.

Hawks at KNICKS 8:05 pm EDT

3-pointers: None

2-pointers: Julius Randle (Knicks) Over 6.5 assists +110 (Returns $21.00) Randall averages 6 assists per game, has had 7 or more in the past three, and over the past 10 has averaged an even 7. Just do what you do, Julius.

Knicks Over Hawks Moneyline +102 (Returns $20.20) My Knicks get no respect. That I call them my Knicks should make you wary. But the Knicks are the hottest team in the NBA (the Hawks not far behind) and the Knicks are home. I think the Hawks may get an MSG headache. Caveat: Knick starters played a lot of minutes last night.

Free Throws: Bogdan Bogdanovic (Hawks) Over 16.5 points -106 (Returns $19.50) Bogdanovic has gone over this number in 4 of his last 5 (not last night) and 7 of his last 10 games.


Tuesday Results


2-pointers: KNICKS Over Hornets AND Under 208 +180 (Returns $28.00) The Knicks just squeezed in under the Under with a 109-97 = 206 win.

Steals: Terry Rozier (Hornets) Over 33.5 points, rebounds, assists -113 (Returns $18.90) Rozier went for 21-7-8 = 36 in the Hornets 109-97 loss to the Knicks.


2-pointers: Kyrie Irving (Nets) double-double +165 (Returns $26.50) Good play, just missed. Kyrie went for 32 with 8 assists.

Chuma Okeke (Magic) Over 1.5 made threes +118 (Returns $21.80) Bad play. Okeke was 0-5 from three.

Wendell Carter Jr. (Magic) Over 9.5 rebounds +104 (Returns $20.40) Good play, just missed. Carter had 9 rebounds.

Free Throws: Trey Young (Hawks) Under 24.5 points -109 (Returns $19.20) Good play, just missed. Young scored 25.

Nets vs PELICANS Under 235 -109 (Returns $19.20) Nets won 134-129 = 263. Sheesh. Nets scored 134 without Harden and Durant.



$70 wagered (2-5), $46.90 returned.

Day 105: -$23.10

Total: +97.75 (218-261 off 482 $10 wagers)

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