Bet the NBA: It's Fats Tuesday and he's all in on Sixers vs Nuggets, with plays on Nikola Jokic, Danny Green
Denver Nuggets' Nikola Jokic wants to go where he wants to go. Associated Press Photo / Tony Dejak.

Bet the NBA: It's Fats Tuesday and he's all in on Sixers vs Nuggets, with plays on Nikola Jokic, Danny Green

Sixers at NUGGETS 9:05 pm.

3-3 last night. Lost 60 cents. Losers weren't close.

Tuesday picks

One game, four picks. It's been awhile – maybe never – since I went all in on one contest, but . . . there are only four games tonight and I have no idea who's playing in the Magic-Clippers contest, I have no idea if Russell Westbrook can be bionic again with Bradley Beal out so the Hornets-Wizards could devolve into a blowout, and not sure if a road-weary Hawks squad is going to have the energy to stay with the hot Suns. Blowouts lead to bad pop bets.

All wagers and returns based on $10. Please check game time lineups before wagering.

Sixers at NUGGETS 9:05 pm.

3-pointers: Nikola Jokic (Nuggets) triple-double +333 (returns $43.30) It's been 4 games since Jokic had back-to-back triple-doubles. He's due. And the least time these played without Joel Embiid in the lineup, he went for 15-12-9.

2-pointers: Nikola Jokic (Nuggets) double-double AND Nuggets win +140 (returns $24.00) See above.

Steals: Danny Green (Sixers) Over 15.5 points, rebounds, assists -113 (returns $18.90) In his last 10 games, Green has gone over 15.5, seven times. I like his chances tonight against a Nuggets team that will have to concentrate on other Sixers weapons.

NUGGETS Over 112.5 vs Sixers -115 (returns $18.70) The Sixers have been on the road for over a week, the Nuggets have added Aaron Gordon. That's all I got.

Monday Results


2-pointers: Jakob Poeltl (spurs) Over 10.5 points +105 (returns $20.50) Poeltl scored 17 as the Spurs lost 132-115 to the Kings.

Russell Westbrook (Wizards) Over 10.5 rebounds +100 (returns $20.00) Westbrook had 14 rebounds to go with 35 points and 21 assists in 39 minutes of an amazing triple double as the Wizards won 132-124.

Steals: Karl-Anthony Towns (T-Wolves) Over 25.5 points -113 (returns $18.90) Towns scored 31 in a 112-107 Wolves loss to the Nets.


2-pointers: Jimmy Butler (Heat) double-double +150 (returns $25.00) Butler went 27-5-6 in a Heat win over the Knicks.

Free throws: Kevin Porter Jr. (Rockets) Over 16.5 points -102 (returns $19.80) Porter went 5-17, 0-7 from three and scored only 10 points as the Rockets lost to the Grizzlies 120-110.

KNICKS +4.5 Over HEAT -107 (returns $19.20) The Knicks lost 98-88 in a stiff of a game.



$60 wagered (3-3), $59.40 returned.

Day 83: -$.60

Total: +$58.65 (180-210 off 390 $10 wagers)

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