In NBA Sunday, Fats picks props on Kawhi Leonard, Richaun Holmes, Buddy Hield, Jayson Tatum, and Devin Booker

Celtics at SUNS tip off at 2:05 pm EST, Kings at CLIPPERS at 3:05 pm EST
Los Angeles Clippers' Kawhi Leonard will have a lot on his lunchtime plate today with Paul George out.
Los Angeles Clippers' Kawhi Leonard will have a lot on his lunchtime plate today with Paul George out.Darryl Dyck | The Canadian Press via Associated Press

Went 2-2 last night but since one of the wins was a Sixers over Nets parlay, turned a 33% profit. But, man, I sweated out those final few minutes - "Stop scoring, dammit!"

Sunday picks

I should take today off since all the games are in the afternoon and I hate NBA afternoon games because you never know who's going to be sleepwalking, out of rhythm, etc. But I need to have something to pay attention to besides the 8-hour Super Bowl pre-game show.

With no Jaylen Brown and no Marcus Smart, I hope Jayson Tatum had his Wheaties this morning because the Celtics and Fats are going to need him to come up big.

Devin Booker has let me down this year, but with no Smart and Brown to pester him,Over 31.5 PRS seems doable since he could make that number just on points.

He played a nice team game, but Buddy Hield scored only 5 yesterday in the Kings' win over the Nuggets. I think he picks up some points today as the Clippers concentrate on stopping De'Aaron Fox and Harrison Barnes.

And in the no-guts, no-glory department, I'm going to pick Richaun Holmes and/or Kawhi Leonard double-double. Each did it in his last game. Holmes has done it four times this season. Kawhi needs to do more with Paul George out. If the game stays close and both men play the fourth quarter, I think I'll have something to pull for around 5 o'clock and not have to switch over to Doritos commercials.

All wagers and returns based on $10. Please check game time lineups before wagering.

Celtics at SUNS 2:05 pm EST, Kings at CLIPPERS 3:05 pm,

3-pointers: Richaun Holmes (Kings) double-double +350 (returns $45.00)

Kawhi Leonard (Clippers) double-double +350 (returns $45.00)

2-pointers: Buddy Hield (Kings) Over 24.5 points, rebounds, assists -110 (returns $19.10)

Free throws: Jayson Tatum (Celtics) Over 41.5 points, rebounds, assists -110 (returns $19.10)

Steals: Devin Booker (Suns) Over 31.5 points, rebounds, assists -115 (returns $18.70)

Saturday Results


2-pointers: Sixers -4.5 Over Nets and Under 236.5 points +250 (returns $35.00) The Sixers won 124-108, thankyouverymuch.

Steals: Warriors Over 114.5 points -114 (returns $18.60)The Warriors had 2 points after five minutes and I'd about given up. Then they score 29 in the final 7 minutes of the first, en route to 132 in a 134-132 loss to the defenseless Mavericks.


3-pointers: De'Aaron Fox (Kings) double-double +260 (returns $36.00). Some games the open shooter you pass to, passes to a more open shooter. Fox only got 5 assists.

Free throws: Victor Oladipo (Rockets) Over 21.5 points -103 (returns $19.80) Oladipo was 4-14, 0-3 from the floor for 9 points.



$40 wagered (2-2), $53.60 returned.

Day 42: +$13.60

Total: -$141.25 (84-107 off 191 $10 wagers)

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