Fats Baller returns for Monday NBA: I'm in on the Pistons vs Hawks and want James Harden to make it rain
Fats needs James Harden to show up tonight and just pass the ball a little better than average.Carmen Mandato/Pool Photo via Associated Press

Fats Baller returns for Monday NBA: I'm in on the Pistons vs Hawks and want James Harden to make it rain

Pistons at HAWKS tip off at 7:35 pm EST, Rockets at NUGGETS at 9:05 pm EST

First off, let me say that anyone who bets the NBA this early in the season is nuts. We'll get to my Monday picks in a few seconds.

So far the teams are horribly inconsistent – the Clippers beat the Lakers and the Nuggets and then were down 50 at the HALF to the Mavs, the Bucks beat the Warriors by nearly 40 and the next game were down nearly 30 to the Knicks. Also, too many players are looking to find their shot. And looking, and looking, and looking. Habitat for Humanity could build a city with all the bricks going up – and they're being hoisted by guys who shouldn't be shooting. Right now, and it will change, Steph Curry's worst shot is better than Kelly Oubre's best.

Here's tonight's 4-point play (see above caveat about being nuts). Would love to take the Nets at home against the Grizzlies off the tough "L" at Charlotte, but KD and Kyrie may rest, so I'm skipping it. Instead I'm backing two Pistons – with Blake Griffith and Derrick Rose resting against the run-and gun Hawks, someone is going to have to score and grab the many missed shots. Cross your fingers, close your eyes, hold your nose, and hope. $10 bets.

Pistons at HAWKS 7:35 pm EST, Rockets at NUGGETS 9:05 pm EST

3-pointer: Mason Plumlee (Pistons) double-double +170 (returns $27.00)

2-pointers: Jerami Grant (Pistons) Over 16.5 points +100 (returns $20.00)

Free throw: Hawks Over 117.5 points -109 (returns $19.20)

Steal: James Harden double-double -120 (returns $18.40)

Sunday Results


3-pointer: Kevin Durant Over 34.5 (points, rebounds, assists) +100 (returns $20) A hot 4th quarter got KD just over the number.


2-pointers: Nets -10.5 over Hornets -110 (returns $19.10) The Nets looked like a different team losing to a very physical, aggressive Charlotte group.

Free throw: Bucks Over 117.5 points -114 (returns $18.80) The Bucks were embarrassingly bad and the Knicks were shockingly good. Neither team looked anything like they did in their previous games. The Knicks didn't even have a practice. Go figure.

Steal: James Wiseman Over 20.5 (points, rebounds, assists) -118 (returns $18.50) While the Warriors eked out a rare W, Wiseman returned to Earth with only 7 points and 3 boards.

$40 wagered (1-3), $20 returned.

Day 4: -$20.00

Total: -$92.75 (8-16 off 24 $10 wagers)

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