Michael Jordan and Angela Mims
Michael Jordan and Angela MimsRobert M. Mims

Mims recollects meeting Michael Jordan while watching 'The Last Dance'

To see Michael Jordan share intimate moments that did not always portray him favorably was surprising.

I was able to relive the Michael Jordan era over the last 5 weeks. ‘The Last Dance’ is a superb documentary that takes you behind the scenes of the great MJ. During the 80’s and 90’s Jordan was the most recognizable athlete in the world. To see Jordan share intimate moments that did not always portray him favorably was surprising. His image was impeccable during his playing days and he was generally beloved by fans worldwide. I was one of them.

My fondest MJ memory is this. In 1985, my girlfriend invited me to a party. She told me that members of the Chicago Bulls will be at the party. I wasn’t sure if I should believe her, but I have to take the chance that she is telling the truth, so I go.

At 11:25 pm, the party was electric. The Bulls came and everyone was anticipating Jordan’s arrival. At 11:30, Michael Jordan walked in. I couldn’t believe I was at a house party with the great MJ! He was eating and partying just like a regular dude. I talked with him and asked what cities he liked to play in. He took the time to talk to me and signed autographs for everyone. The photo you see above is from the party! I was so impressed with my girlfriend that I married her two years later.

Now it is 2020 and I am watching ‘The Last Dance’ with our children. They ask me questions about Jordan and if he was really as highly spoken of as he was being depicted in the film — I can without hesitation say, Yes! No one dressed better! No one was better in the clutch! No one was more recognizable! And, he made a movie with Bugs Bunny. How cool is that?!

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