Uros Medic is part of our favorite parlay for UFC Vegas 91
Uros Medic is part of our favorite parlay for UFC Vegas 91

UFC Vegas 91 Betting Preview: Live Odds and 2 Best Bets for Saturday, April 27

Let our MMA expert get you ready for UFC Vegas 91! Check out the live odds and our 2 best bets for Saturday, April 27.

Welcome back MMA fans!! We have UFCVegas91 on Saturday night! The card is so-so, not a lot of great matchups and not a lot of big names.

However, we have found some spots we loved to back and are ready for another profitable night in UFC! Check out our 2 bets below, and let’s enjoy this Vegas91 card!

Machado Will Be Locked In For His First UFC Win

Caio Machado (0-1 UFC) doesn’t have the one hit power like most heavyweights, but he has solid footwork technique and is good at keeping range and striking with jabs. He has solid take down defense and can take guys down with decent success as a decent grappler, when he wants to.

Machado needs to be locked in, and get to work when this fight starts. He has shown in previous fights a lackadaisical approach and not staying locked in to get the job done. He has made a few mistakes in past fights that he needs to clean up as he progresses.

Machado out struck his last two opponents, landing around 7 strikes per minute and absorbing 2 strikes per minute, displaying his ability to keep distance with accuracy, while also having a great 82% defensive take down percentage.

This is also a fade on Dontale Mayes (3-4 UFC) who has lost 2 of last 3 fights, and is not a very good fighter. He may try to take down Machado, but I just don’t think he will do that as he has shown previously a very low fighting IQ.

Machado could have easily won his first UFC fight vs Mick Parkin, but the takedowns and control time was just too much for Parkin. He will be looking to get his first UFC win and hungry to do so!

Best Bet: Caio Machado mL (-115) FanDuel

Figlak Will Show There Is No Rust with Layoff

Michal Figlak (0-1 UFC) is a dangerous striker! He moves forward with aggression, wants to control the middle of the ring, and pushes the pace. He can also defend takedowns and use offensive wrestling if he needs to.

I would be surprised if he tries any takedowns. He is going to stay on the feet and try to out-strike Hubbard (3-5 UFC). Figlak has had a long layoff which is the only concern, but his skills should out pace what Hubbard can bring to the octagon.

Austin Hubbard is not a submission or knock out threat and I just do not see how he gets the job done. If he wins, it goes to decision, but Figlak is hungry for his first UFC win, and I do believe he will do enough damage to win this fight.

Medic Wants To Show Everyone He is Ready For A Step Up in Competition

Uros Medic (3-2 UFC) likes to bring the fight to his opponent’s straight from the jump by getting on them and getting into their face. He's a clean technical striker. In all of his wins in his career, he has 100% finish rate.

He has 1/3 of the experience Means has, but Means is old (40 years old) and has lost 3 of last 4 fights. Tim Means (15-12 UFC), by all means (no pun intended), could weather the storm and outlast Medic. Means is a long term staple in UFC and is a fan favorite. He has the experience and if he is hungry enough for a win, he could get it at very nice plus money odds.

Means has a crazy fight style, switching stances, and comes at you from different angles, but having said that, Medic is going to look to finish this fight in the first round as he does not have the later round experience under his belt.

If it does go to late 2nd, or 3rd round, Means could have a shot late to win this. I would be shocked if that happened, mainly because Medic is younger (by 11 years) and is looking to make his name in UFC adding another win to his name.

Means could get hurt by Medic and at some point that pain is going to wear on a forty year old. I believe Medic puts enough damage on Means in the first round to distance himself on the scorecard to get his hand raised Saturday night!

Best Parlay: Michal Figlak ML + Uros Medic ML (+110) Caesars

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