Check out our best bet for Trevor Peek vs. Charlie Campbell below.
Check out our best bet for Trevor Peek vs. Charlie Campbell below.

UFC Fight Night Betting Preview: Live Odds and Our Best Bet for Trevor Peek vs Charlie Campbell

Get ready for UFC Vegas 90 with our Fight Night betting preview. We'll dive into the live odds and give out a best bet!

Welcome UFC fans! I am Wade from @WadesBets on all social platforms, and I am very excited to bring you all one of my favorite plays of this entire UFC Fight Night card!

Now, this is not one of the more exciting cards of the year so far. We have a couple very interesting fights, but this is all leading up to next weekend's HUGE UFC 300 event! We are going to take a look at Fight 6 on the card, Trevor Peek (9-1) taking on Charlie Campbell (8-2).

Peek is coming in on a 1 fight win streak winning 4 of his last 5. Last time out he won a unanimous decision over 12-3 Mohammad Yahya.

Campbell is coming in on a 2 fight win streak, also taking his last 4 of 5. Campbell has won 4 of his last 5 fights via KO/TKO, but has not fought an opponent anywhere as tough and gritty as Peek will be.

Campbell Has Skills But Little Experience

Campbell is the clearly better fighter with his technical skills, but he has only had 1 UFC fight in his career so far. In the past, Campbell has been able to outstrike opponents. He is a very good striker, with solid take down defense, and can grapple when necessary.

Where I find a lack in Campbell's game is we have not seen him tested into later rounds to see where his fight IQ and fight stamina can go. Peek, on the other hand, is a fighter who is very tough to knock out.

I think Campbell is going to respect Peek's tenacity moving forward and respect his ability to put someone out. I believe Campbell learned something from his KO/TKO loss to Chris Duncan, and he will not make the same mistake trying to finish Peek similarly.

Peek Shows a No-Quit Attitude

Peek has the immeasurables that Campbell has yet to face, and that he does not possess himself. Peek is a dog, with a tremendous heart, and most importantly, is super durable. Peek will put pressure into Campbell and it will be up to Campbell if he is going to strike with Peek, or try to use some take downs to stop Peek pressing forward.

We have seen Peek fight for 3 rounds, with pace, and show no signs of fatigue. Campbell is going to have to take Peek out in the first round, and if he doesn't it could spell trouble. I do not personally see Campbell knocking out Peek, and if Peek can bring this fight into his wheelhouse, he can grind out a decision, or possibly a 2nd or 3rd round KO/TKO on Campbell.

If they get into the 2nd round, we will see just how much cardio, and durability Campbell has. We like Peek here as a ML dog at +150, which moved from +180 earlier in the week. He is more than likely most people's favorite dog on this card, he is a crowd favorite up to this point in his short career.

I believe this gets past the 2:30 mark of the 2nd round, where Peek will begin to put the pressure on Campbell he is not used to in late rounds. This could be where the momentum swing takes place, and Peek can outlast Campbell.

We need Peek to stay smart round 1, avoid too much damage, and we should be looking good heading into round 2! Good luck with all of your bets this weekend!

Best Bet: Total Rounds o1.5 Rounds (+115) ESPN Bet

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