ATL Takes the Top Spot in our Betting Power Rankings
ATL Takes the Top Spot in our Betting Power Rankings

MLB Power Rankings: Top 5 Teams to Bet On and Where to Place Your Wagers

You might want to consider betting with these five teams that are streaking early in the MLB season.

As Major League Baseball continues to thrill fans with its unpredictable nature and high-stakes action, bettors are always on the lookolookingt teams to back.

That's why we're breaking down the top 5 MLB teams that are already making an impact early in the season.

We're not saying you're going to win bets on these power rankers, but if you bet on them up to this point in the season then you're already ahead.

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Los Angeles Dodgers: A Strong Start to the Season

Despite the last couple of games not looking like their normal form, the Dodgers have kicked off 2024 with an impressive 11-8 record, showing significant promise under the prowess of Tyler Glasnow. Glasnow's current form, boasting a 2.25 ERA with a recent peak performance of 14 strikeouts in seven innings, makes the Dodgers a strong bet.

This level of dominance suggests potential profitability in futures bets on the Dodgers to win the NL West or even the World Series. While we prefer moneyline on baseball bets, the Dodgers have been beating the spread more times than not.

Atlanta Braves: Adjusting to Challenges

Despite a setback with Spencer Strider potentially facing another surgery, the Braves, holding a 10-5 record, have demonstrated resilience. With Allan Winans stepping in, although his ERA hovers above 5.00, the team's depth could still push them forward. 

Betting on individual game outcomes might be riskier with the Braves, but prop bets on strikeout totals or inning-specific outcomes could offer value to sports bettors, given their strong bullpen.

Grab a bonus at DraftKings and drop a bet on the Brave's spread against the Astros tonight. DK currently has Atlanta at -120 for the win, which overall, is not a bad deal.

New York Yankees: Embracing Change

The Yankees, with a solid 12-5 record and holding onto the top spot in the AL East, are seeing remarkable performances from young stars like Anthony Volpe, who boasts a .372 average and an OPS of 1.041.

With such emerging talent, the Yankees are promising candidates for accumulators or parlay bets, especially in series where their batting lineup could dominate weaker pitching rosters.

We think they're going to run right over the Blue Jays, but you might want to take the UNDER as the last few games, both teams haven't been crushing it offensively.

Baltimore Orioles: Overcoming Injuries

Easily one of the most underrated teams, in our opinion; the Orioles are coming in 4th on our power ranking bet list.

Despite a few key injuries, the Orioles have maintained a decent 10-6 start, putting them just behind the Yankees in the AL East. The potential return of Kyle Bradish and the addition of top prospect Jackson Holliday could provide a mid-season boost to your bankroll.

Betting on the Orioles might be speculative at this stage of the season, but monitoring Bradish's rehab outings could signal good moneyline bets if he returns to form. You might also want to take a look at some player props, as Baltimore is sitting at #2 for home runs in the MLB with a total of 24. 

Texas Rangers: Dealing with Adversity

Navigating early injuries, the Rangers are piecing together their infield, yet they've managed a 9-8 record. Betting on the Rangers could be interesting in the underdog role, especially in matchups where their pitching can exploit specific opposing team weaknesses.

Looking back, we really wish we would've put money on Jon Gray for the over on the Ks, as he's absolutely dominating Detroit today.

Exploring Betting Platforms

When it comes to placing bets, choosing the right sportsbook is about as important as placing the bets. These are some of our favorite online sportsbooks for placing MLB bets.

  • Bet365. Known for its extensive market coverage around the globe, Bet365 offers competitive odds and live betting options, which are perfect for MLB games where in-play conditions like weather and player form can shift odds significantly. Their current bonus offer for new bettors is nothing to scoff at, either.

  • DraftKings. A go-to for fantasy sports and betting, DraftKings provides detailed player stats and game analytics, which are ideal for making informed prop bets or fantasy-based decisions. If you're in one of the four states that allow online casinos, you might even want to try out some of their casino games.

  • FanDuel. Offers a user-friendly interface and attractive odds, particularly for parlay bets and futures, making it a no-brainer for those looking to combine bets across multiple MLB games. You've probably seen some of the SGPs displayed on live baseball games.

There are a few other books in the industry, but these are some of our favorites. Between the bonuses and smooth apps, if you're in a state where these sports betting sites offer their services, you won't want to pass them up.

Understanding Types of Bets

You've done your research and found your ideal sportsbook, now it's time to decide what type of bet you want to make. Fortunately, when it comes to baseball, there's no shortage of bet types.

  • Moneyline bets. The simplest form is where you bet on which team will win the game. Ideal for teams like the Dodgers or Yankees, who are showing consistent performance.

  • Prop bets. These involve betting on specific game scenarios, such as how many strikeouts Shohei Ohtani will throw or the number of hits by Javier Baez, which are suitable for volatile teams like the Braves or Orioles.

  • Futures bets. Involves betting on long-term outcomes like division champions or World Series winners. Teams with solid starts, like the Dodgers and Yankees, could offer value here. You'll want to jump on them sooner rather than later because the odds will change over time.

  • Parlay bets. Combining multiple bets, where all have to win for you to collect. Given the strengths seen across these top teams, strategic parlays could significantly increase potential returns. Typically, we shy away from parlays as they give the house the biggest advantage, but if you play them right, they can pay off big time.

Of course, there are a few other bets out there, but these basic bets will be enough to get your feet wet if you don't have much experience with the MLB.

Make a Bet on these Power Ranking Teams

Each of these top 5 MLB teams offers different opportunities and challenges in the betting industry.

Whether opting for a safe bet on the dominant Dodgers or a speculative play on the recovering Orioles, the key is to stay informed and adapt your betting strategy to match the dynamics of the MLB season.

There are no guarantees when placing bets on MLB teams, as on any given day, a team can come out to play or simply be off. However, following these power rankers, you stand a decent chance of walking away with a win.

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