Taijuan Walker is on the hill tonight for the Mets.
Taijuan Walker is on the hill tonight for the Mets.@Mets on Twitter

Thursday MLB Strikeout Props: Batman Krothers picks Jameson Taillon, Brandon Woodruff, and Taijuan Walker

Twins @ Yankees, 7:05 pm ET, Brewers @ Cardinals, 7:45 pm ET, and Mets @ Dodgers, 10:10 pm ET

My apologies for taking a few days off - needed a mental break!

Off we go to the K picks…

Twins @ Yankees, 7:05 pm ET

Let's start off the day with the hottest team in MLB right now - the Bronx Bombers. To be fair, while they are still hitting some monstrous home runs, they are not racking up the runs lately and every game is a nail-biter. As long as they are winning, I suppose it just builds character. Anyways, the Yankees have Jameson Taillon on the mound tonight to try and keep this winning streak going and I think they will. That said, we're not here to pick wins and losses – only strikeouts! My prediction engine spat me a 6-7K against the Twins, so let's go with that. FanDuel is offering -106 for over 5.5, so that's pick number 1.

Brewers @ Cardinals, 7:45 pm ET

The Brewers' Brandon Woodruff is starting tonight and he's having a great year in the K department – 163K in 140.1 innings. Oh yeah, he's also having a great year overall, with a .9 WHIP and 2.18 ERA. So, I expect him to have a good night, probably 7-8K. Looking at the lines, we can get +108 for over 6.5 from our friends at FanDuel – so that's pick #2 in the books.

Mets @ Dodgers, 10:10 pm ET

Welp, we don't know who the Dodgers are throwing out there, but we do know the Mets are counting on Taijuan Walker to get them winning again. I don't see that happening. In fact, even though the line is over/under 4.5 –I'm going to go with the under at -115 from BetMGM, and that's how we end the night.

See you again tomorrow – same Bat-time, same Bat-place!

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