Marcus Stroman, on the mound for the Mets.
Marcus Stroman, on the mound for the Mets.@Mets on Twitter.

Friday MLB Strikeout Props: Batman Krothers picks Marcus Stroman, Corbin Burnes, and Zack Greinke

Mets @ Phillies, 7:05 pm ET, Giants @ Brewers, 8:10 pm ET, and Twins @ Astros, 8:10 pm ET

I'm loving how few teams are really out of it this year. It's making for some very dynamic showdowns particularly in the AL and NL East. For a season that started out so poorly, it's great to see interest and excitement in MLB. Looking for someone from Caesars, BetMGM, FanDuel, or DraftKings to show how betting has picked up during the course of this season. People are saying it has, but would love to see the numbers.

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Off we go to the K picks…

Mets @ Phillies, 7:05 pm ET

One of those exciting showdowns I discussed earlier - the first place Mets are facing the Phillies with the top spot on the line. The pitcher to watch tonight is the Mets' Marcus Stroman. The BKPM™ is giving me a strong 7K projection against this hot Philadelphia lineup. DraftKings is giving me -105 for over 4.5 strikeouts and I'm taking it.

Giants @ Brewers, 8:10 pm ET

Had to pick this game because one of our favorite strikeout pitchers, the Brewers' Corbin Burnes, is on the mound. Lately he's been fluctuating from 6-12 strikeouts in a game, but against the Giants we think he should come in at around 9. I'm going with BetMGM, who's offering me -120 for over 7.5 – but if you're feeling particularly strong about it you can get the nicer looking +125 from DraftKings if you're willing to take the over 8.5.

Twins @ Astros, 8:10 pm ET

The Astros' Zack Greinke has really fallen down in the strikeout pace this season – striking out just 4 in his last 3 outings. Tonight against the Twins I see him doing a bit better – leaning towards 6. If you think he'll get more than 4, then follow me. I'm taking over 4.5 and -105 from the folks at DraftKings.

See you again Sunday – same Bat-time, same Bat-place!

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