Eduardo Rodriguez has something to say about strikeouts.
Eduardo Rodriguez has something to say about strikeouts.@RedSox on Twitter.

Wednesday MLB Strikeout Props: Krothers picks Chase Anderson, Eduardo Rodriguez, Alec Mills

Phillies @ Nationals, 7:05 pm ET, Red Sox @ Tigers, 7:10 pm ET, Cubs @ Rockies, 8:40 pm ET.

Had a decent 2-1 day yesterday as I went back to using the BKPM™ (Batman Strikeout Predictor Machine) so I think that’s how I should continue making picks. Anyone who took the over 5.5K for +170 on Jose Suarez – please give me a shoutout on Twitter.

Off we go to the K picks…

Phillies @ Nationals, 7:05 pm ET

I’ll start out by saying I like the Phillies to win this game. That said, I don’t think their starter, Chase Anderson, will have a great night. At best I think he’ll get 4 strikeouts this evening – leaning more towards 3. We’ll take the -164 for under 4.5 from FanDuel.

Red Sox @ Tigers, 7:10 pm ET

For the second pick tonight, we are going to look at Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez. Why? Because the BKPM™ gives us a range of 9-10 K against this …umm… let’s say “not so good” lineup that Detroit is throwing out there. You have a couple of options on where to put an over bet – on DraftKings for over 6.5 they are offering -120, but over at FanDuel – if you’re willing to make it a little riskier for over 7.5, you can get +142. If you know me, you know I’m taking the FanDuel bet.

Cubs @ Rockies, 8:40 pm ET

We all know what a hard time visiting SPs have at Coors, and tonight will be no different. For Cubs starter Alec Mills we are predicting 4-5 strikeouts. It looks to me like the books have over-compensated a tad, so you can get +100 for over 3.5 from DraftKings.

See you again tomorrow – same Bat-time, same Bat-place!

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