Walker Buehler, Strikeout Machine.
Walker Buehler, Strikeout Machine.@Dodgers on Twitter

Tuesday MLB Strikeout Props: Krothers picks Alex Wells, Jose Suarez, Walker Buehler

Orioles @ Yankees, 7:05 pm ET, Angels @ Rangers, 8:05 pm ET, Astros @ Dodgers, 10:10 pm ET.

Well – yesterday was a complete bust. I should have known it was a risk trying to predict players changing teams. Today I will stick to the output of the BKPM™ (Batman's Strikeout Predictor Machine) to decide where I put my money.

Off we go to the K picks…

Orioles @ Yankees, 7:05 pm ET

Baltimore is trotting out Alex Wells to face this K-friendly lineup – and while I won’t pick him to win, I do predict strikeouts aplenty. La Machine predicts 7-8 strikeouts, and I’ve already said I won’t bet against it tonight. BetMGM is offering +125 for over 4.5 strikeouts, so that’s bet #1 tonight.

Angels @ Rangers, 8:05 pm ET

Jose Suarez takes the mound for the Angels and he has the highest ceiling of anyone, with an 8-9 K prediction. Either the BKPM needs tweaking, or we have a good one here. BetMGM is offering +170 for over 5.5 strikeouts, and that’s bet #2.

Astros @ Dodgers, 10:10 pm ET

The Dodgers have Walker Buehler starting and he’s been lighting up the K charts as of late. Over his last 3 starts he’s gone 21 1/3 innings and struck out 25. Tonight, however, my trusty dusty machine picks him to get a measly 4-5 K. As stated earlier, I’m going with the machine. FanDuel is offering -128 on under 6.5, so that is bet #3.

See you tomorrow – same Bat-time, same Bat-place!

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