Sunday MLB Strikeout Watch: Krothers picks Trevor Bauer, Corbin Burnes, Johnny Cueto K props
Trevor Bauer doesn't care if he annoys you.@dodgers on Twitter

Sunday MLB Strikeout Watch: Krothers picks Trevor Bauer, Corbin Burnes, Johnny Cueto K props

Dodgers @ Braves, 1:20 pm ET, Diamondbacks @ Brewers, 2:10 pm ET, Cubs @ Giants, 4:05 pm ET.

I’m picking 1 o’clock games today because a) I like the matchups and b) It’s Sunday and I’m busy later. My complaint is that almost none of the books have put out their lines and bets for strikeouts. Why is that? Most of the other lines are out much earlier – but not strikeouts.

As a result, I placed all my bets today with BetMGM – the only ones to put the lines out on the early side. If you’re listening BetMGM – I am happy/open to be sponsored.

On to the K-Props…

Dodgers @ Braves, 1:20 pm ET

I tend to bet the over when the Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer pitches, and most of the time it works out. I’m hoping today will be no different. The Braves are a hot hitting team for sure but they are striking out at a higher clip than the Atlanta teams of old – but every team is in MLB this year, right? The over/under on K’s seems to be set at 7.5 and I project him getting 8-9, so I’m taking the +110 and over from BetMGM.

Diamondbacks @ Brewers, 2:10 pm ET

Corbin Burnes is pitching for the Brewers today and he has been great in everything but his record. He is one of those guys that doesn’t get the run support he deserves. He has an ERA of 2.24, a WHIP of .73, and a whopping 81 strikeouts over 52.1 innings – impressive, right? And yet, he has a W-L record of 2-4 – which is even more shocking when you realize the Brewers are in first place in the NL Central despite that. Bottom line, when Burnes is pitching, expect many K’s. BetMGM has generously set the line at 7.5, so I’m taking the over at -133.

Cubs @ Giants, 4:05 pm ET

I’ve always been a fan of Johnny Cueto – back from when he was pitching with the Reds, to now pitching for the Giants. He has had a few ups and downs, but he’s really a complete pitcher. The past 2 seasons he’s been off and many questioned whether or not he should retire, but I’m glad he didn’t. He looks healthier now than he has in 3 years. Part of being that complete pitcher means he doesn’t strike out too many – he seems to max out at 5 in most starts, even when going 7 as he did last time out against the Angels. Against this Chicago team I don’t see more than 4 in his future, so with the BetMGM line set at 4.5, I’m going to take the under at -143.

Come back again — same bat-channel — Batman out!

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