Wednesday MLB Strikeout Props: Krothers picks Matt Harvey, Jon Lester, Jordan Lyles
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Wednesday MLB Strikeout Props: Krothers picks Matt Harvey, Jon Lester, Jordan Lyles

Twins @ Orioles, 7:05 pm ET, Nationals @ Braves, 7:20 pm ET, Rangers @ Rockies, 8:40 pm ET.

A few cancellations tonight, but I found a few good game lines I liked. I didn’t pick it, but I’ll tell you I will be watching Aaron Judge starting in CF tonight. Will he be the answer to the Yankees CF output woes? Yeah, but I don’t like the toll that running can put on his knees – can someone trade the Yankees a CF please?

On to the K watch…

Twins @ Orioles, 7:05 pm ET

You might not have realized he’s still pitching in the majors, but Matt Harvey is back and pitching for the Orioles. He’s nowhere near the dominant pitcher he once was for the Mets, but he’s trying! It appears he’s still building up his arm strength, having not gone much more than 4 innings in a game yet, but the last two starts he’s struck out 6 in each start – the last one in just 3 innings. Facing the Twins I figure he could get at least 5 in 3-4 – so the over/under K line from FanDuel at 3.5, I’m taking the over at +108.

Nationals @ Braves, 7:20 pm ET

I get it, Jon Lester, now pitching for the Nats, isn’t the same pitcher he used to be. But at least you can call him Mr. Consistent. His last 4 starts he got 4 strikeouts in each. The start before that he struck out 5. So why is his over/under set at 3.5? Looks like disrespect to me. I respect him too much to pass this up – I’ll take the over and -122 from the folks at FanDuel.

Rangers @ Rockies, 8:40 pm ET

Jordan Lyles gets the start for the Rangers tonight, and I think the algos aren’t sure what he’ll do. In 4 of his last 5 starts he’s gone 5/6 innings and struck out 6/8 – sounds good, right? All good except for that 5th start – where he also went 6, but only struck out 2. More surprising, that 2 was against the Astros – who usually strike out much more than that. I’m looking at that 2 as an anomaly – so with DraftKings setting the over/under at 3.5 I’ll take the over at -177.

Come back again — same bat-channel — Batman out!

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