David Peterson takes the mound tonight for the Mets.
David Peterson takes the mound tonight for the Mets.@Mets on Twitter

Friday MLB Strikeout Prop Bets: Krothers picks Corey Kluber, David Peterson, Clayton Kershaw

Yankees @ Orioles, 7:05 pm ET, Mets @ Rays, 7:10 pm ET, Marlins @ Dodgers, 10:10 pm ET.

Still nothing from the MLB offices about changing the baseball. I know they said they wouldn’t, but with the horrific batting averages and lack of home runs, I’d be shocked if they don’t make a change come the all-star break. Of course, there has also been a spike in strikeouts, which I like to watch – but I also like seeing SOME HITS.

Get it together MLB! #FixTheMLBall

Yankees @ Orioles, 7:05 pm ET

The Yankees are best known for their bats, but this season the story has been all about their pitching. Brian Cashman took many pitching risks this year, but they seem to be paying off. One of those bets Cash made was on Corey Kluber attempting a comeback – and thus far it’s looking like a good one. After getting the rust off, he’s looked very studly the last three outings. Unfortunately, that means the books have caught up with us. The over/under is set at 5.5, and aside from an outing against the Tigers (where he had 10 K) he’s been doing around 5-6 K a game. I’m not picking a winner, but I’m going to pick the under 5.5, which I’m seeing is at +116 on FanDuel.

Mets @ Rays, 7:10 pm ET

David Peterson is on the bump for the Mets tonight, and I like this matchup a lot. Tampa Bay is prone to strikeout more than most teams this year and Peterson has the stuff to make them look silly. The over/under is set at 5.5 and I think he’ll get 7-8, so this is my favorite pick of the night. Take the over and the -122 at FanDuel.

Marlins @ Dodgers, 10:10 pm ET

When the Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw on the mound at home, you know they have a shot. His ERA in L.A. is a measly 1.35. Not fun for the visitors. On the K side, he’s been a bit up and down this year – a bit lower than in the past, but still a good bet. The over/under is set at 6.5, which tells me someone thinks he won’t go that far tonight. I disagree. I think a 7 inning 8 K game is in the cards. As such, I’ll take the over 6.5 and -145 I’m seeing over at Wind Creek.

Come back again Sunday — same bat-channel — Batman out!

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