Tuesday MLB Strikeout Prop Bets: Krothers picks Mike Foltynewicz, Chistian Javier, and Chi Chi Gonzalez
Christian Javier goes tonight for the Astros. Krothers likes him over 6.5 Ks.@astros on Twitter

Tuesday MLB Strikeout Prop Bets: Krothers picks Mike Foltynewicz, Chistian Javier, and Chi Chi Gonzalez

Angels @ Rangers, 8:05 pm ET, Astros @ Mariners, 8:10 pm ET, Giants @ Rockies, 9:45 pm ET.

Charlie Morton has fallen! For the first time ever I have successfully picked the K line on his outing, as I selected the under line (which was 7.5) when he struck out 6 in his worst outing of the year. Does this mean I’ve slain the dragon? We will find out next week.

On to today’s games…

Angels @ Rangers, 8:05 pm ET

How far has Mike Foltynewicz fallen? Pretty far. He was brilliant in 2018 for the Braves – striking out 202 in 183 innings while registering a 1.08 WHIP and 2.85 ERA and then everything fell apart. Can he rebuild himself in Texas? I hope so. So far, the results are encouraging. Just a week ago he faced this same team in LA and went 6, striking out 6. In Texas I expect him to do the same if not better, so it’s an easy choice to go with the over 4.5 at -122 line I’m seeing at FanDuel.

Astros @ Mariners, 8:10 pm ET

Christian Javier is someone I’ve been tracking on the ‘K-dar’ this year. Houston does a great job at coaching up these young arms. He had his best outing of the year last week against the Angels, striking out 9 over 5 innings. FanDuel is offering -106 for over 6.5 and I think Javier should get that against these strikeout prone Mariners.

Giants @ Rockies, 9:45 pm ET

Everyone knows that pitching in Colorado isn’t good for your ERA – but is it also bad for your K count? The answer isn’t simple – in any normal 9 inning game the K rate seems to be the same as anywhere else, but when you break it down, pitchers don’t go as long in the game as they do elsewhere. So, Chi Chi Gonzalez, what do we do with you? You converted back from a being a good bullpen arm to a starter and you were never a big K provider. In your two starts this year you went 5 innings in both, striking out 1 in the first outing against the Giants (in San Fran) and 3 in the second outing against the Mets. While this is a home game, I don’t expect you do get more than 3 – so I’m taking the under 3.5 line with -149 I’m getting at BetMGM.

Come back again — same bat-channel — Batman out!

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