If you're betting online, you should know what to look for in a betting site
If you're betting online, you should know what to look for in a betting siteImage by top10-casinosites from Pixabay

5 Ways to Identify An Authentic Sports Betting Site

Remember that picking the right bookie needs time and proper research because not all of them are genuine.

One of the greatest advantages that the internet has brought to punters worldwide is easy access to sports betting. Wherever you are, there is no need for you to be physically present at the venue to wager for your favorite sports betting event. You can simply download a betting app or register for a trusted bookie to fulfill your betting dreams.

But, in the sea of massive online sportsbooks you can find on the internet, how do you identify the right one? Which bookie should you go where you can ensure a legit payment?

Remember that picking the right bookie needs time and proper research because not all of them are genuine. With a click away, you can find hundreds of results from your search engine regarding the most popular sportsbook you can sign up for.

If it's your first time wagering and you experience difficulty finding the right bookie to register, here are some tips to take heed of.

The Kind Of Sports It Covers

One of the ways to identify a legit bookie is the kind of sporting events it covers. One of the most popular sports bettings circulating in every bookmaker is football, baseball, basketball, and even horse racing. If they have these sports, then you can consider picking and registering for them.

Aside from the sports mentioned above, the bookie, such as Fanduel sportsbook, may also cover other sporting events. Some are even fronting their local games so you can ensure that they are trusted. Besides, if they offer live betting to some of the world's most popular sports, then they're a legit online sportsbook.

Positive Online Reviews And Readable License Agreement

Like other types of industry existing, one way to identify whether a bookie is real or not is to read reviews. Most punters, especially the satisfied ones, take their time to write their sentiments and experiences they got upon using them. Some of these reviews must talk positively about the bookies' payout process and the bet coverage.

Aside from the reviews, an authentic bookie must have a readable and printable license agreement. It will be the sole basis of every user to identify that they do legal business and follow every state's law. The license must also layout the full terms and conditions without luring away the users from whatever promotions and changes they offer.

Promotions and Bonuses

Compared to betting at the venue, online sports betting has massive chances of earning because most bookies offer promotions and bonuses, especially to first-time users. They specialize in making a bonus payment to some popular sports adding more earnings to your bank account.

Although this will help you balloon your earnings, make sure to read the terms of the promotion game before you play. Some bookies, instead of helping you earn, take a lot of money from your account.

Competitive Odds Generation and Payment Options

A lawful online sportsbook must generate competitive odds. Remember that the odds refer to the player's or team's chances to win the match based on their previous performance.

It is unreal for a bookie to set a line or value that does not measure how well the team can play. Hence, the odds comparison between the two competing should not come very far, and if you look at other bookies, they almost got the same odds generated.

Moreover, the payment options are another thing to consider when finding the right bookie. Punters should find different payment options, and whichever is accessible to them. If a bookie limits their payment ways to one or two, then it's time to move on and find another one.

Customer Service Is a Must

Sports betting is a serious business to consider because it involves a huge amount of money. You can load money to your trusted bookie while you should not experience any delay if you decide to withdraw it. In cases where there are issues, the right bookies should be one call away.

Also, a legit bookie must have two to three toll-free numbers to dial. The customer service should have adequate knowledge to answer all your queries. When a punter also needs email support, the bookmaker must respond in the specified timeframe they outlined in terms and conditions.


Technically, there is no online sportsbook that is labeled as the best one. It is because not all the best ones are for everyone. Every punter has their personal requirements and expectations about a sports betting site, and it's undeniably irrevocable.

However, if you would like to land on an authentic bookie that can help you bet and win considerably, you may use the tips mentioned above along with your own criteria so you'll not end up being a prey to shady sports betting sites.

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