The late Medina Spirit, "winning" the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

The late Medina Spirit, "winning" the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

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Betting Tips & Tricks for the Upcoming Triple Crown 2022

Field size, pace and length of race are just some of the factors that play into picking a winner.

The Triple Crown Series is the pinnacle of American horse racing for three-year-olds. Its first and second jewels are the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. After the Kentucky Derby, qualified horses will proceed to the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

But what exactly are the Triple Crown events, and how do they work?

The American Triple Crown comprises three races run over three different lengths on three different racecourses. Because these races are all contested within five weeks of each other, it is one of the most challenging trio of races for both horse and rider to win.

The Extravagance of the Triple Crown Races

Horses who win any of the Triple Crown races earn fame and glamor. However, they will also go home with a hefty purse prize. The three races don’t skimp on the winnings, which is why the best three-year-olds are chosen to run in them against the steepest competition.

Kentucky Derby Carries a Purse of $2 Million

The Kentucky Derby takes place on the first Saturday of May at Churchill Downs Racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky and is run over a 1 and 1/4 mile distance on dirt.

It’s recognized as ‘The Run for the Roses’ since the victor is wrapped in a rose-colored blanket. The race will be run with up to 20 competitors who qualify by earning scores on the Road to the Kentucky Derby.

Preakness Stakes Carries a Purse of $1.5 Million

The Preakness Stakes occurs every 3rd Saturday of May at Pimlico Racecourse, Baltimore in Maryland. It is run over 1 and 3/16 miles on Pimlico's dirt oval.

This race is confined to 14 participants, with only those winning prizes in the Kentucky Derby guaranteed starting positions.

Belmont Stakes Carries a Purse of $1.5 Million

The Belmont Stakes, contested on the very first or second Saturday of June, is the Triple Crown’s longest event at 1 and 1/2 miles, earning it the title "The Champion’s Trial." The race is held on Belmont's vast 1.5 miles circular dirt track course known as "Big Sandy," with the winner getting a carnation blanket.

Those that won the Preakness Stakes or Kentucky Derby are guaranteed starting positions in the field.

Best Triple Crown Winning Strategies

Here are four betting strategies you should consider when wagering on the triple crown:

Triple Crown Form: While many Kentucky Derby entrants set out to win the Triple Crown, only a handful of Preakness Stakes champions did not participate in the Derby. The middle jewel helps to follow Kentucky Derby form, but keep a lookout for shocks in the Belmont Stakes.

Toss or Draw: Pimlico has nearly no bias in the draw, implying that each and every post is fair. Meanwhile, gate one at Belmont Park has had a 38 percent win percentage since 1905. Low numbers are likewise preferred at the Churchill Downs due to the massive Kentucky Derby field that is limited to 20 participants.

Pool Bets: Your winnings are limited if you have $2 to risk. However, if you and your friends each have $2 to gamble, you’ll have a higher stake to place on your Triple Crown bet. Gather your buddies, choose a bet that everyone likes, and then combine your bets for one enormous bet.

Big Sandy: Keep an eye out for the Belmont Stakes. The final Triple Crown racecourse, known as Big Sandy, is longer and broader than the others, making it frequently more difficult. A horse needs a lot of stamina to prevail at Belmont.

Considerations When Betting on Horse Racing's Triple Crown

Like any particular stakes race or series of races, there’s no scientific process to anticipate the outcome of the events to ensure wagering success. However, you must consider a few factors explaining how odds work while betting on the Triple Crown events to maximize your winnings.

Be Cautious When Choosing Race Trends

All betting habits, such as those stated above, should be considered a basic guideline only. Something that may have happened with Triple Crown horses in the past does not ensure that it will occur once more. While it is possible, it is pretty unlikely.

Utilize Speed Ratings

A good starting position and an early pace are essential variables in the Kentucky Derby. Simultaneously, in the Belmont Stakes, an early rate might be essential for runners who go to the front and dominate the pace, which is generally produced in the final leg.

Never Allow Yourself to Be Driven by the Situation

The Triple Crown events are massive, focusing on what people are wearing, drinking, singing, and which personalities are in attendance. Now, if you think your horse has a chance to win, you must have faith in both it and yourself.

Disregard the trends, hype, betting platforms, excessive entertainment, and others who may attempt to entice you to change your wager. Place your bet if you have a wager in mind that has been thoroughly researched and thought out.

To Wrap It Up

It would be best to have a good grasp of things to consider before betting on horse races. Consider your picks straightforward and adhere to the same principles as you would for any other competition. Keep in mind that the most crucial factors to consider when betting are your horse's odds of winning and if it constitutes excellent value in the betting market.

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