Saratoga Thursday: Mike Dennis picks the 6th race
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Saratoga Thursday: Mike Dennis picks the 6th race

Post time is 3:55 pm EDT.

Saratoga Betting Plan - July 22, 2021


Track: Fast

Turf: Good

Race 6

State Bred - Fillies - 2 YO - MSW$85k - 5 1/2 F - Mellon Turf Course


Single #3 Derrynane (5/2)

The workout reports are seen by most of us, the paper form shows the #'s with connections and other positives. The question is do you want to go bud heavy or bud light in this particular race? My choice is to go bud light and to single the #3 - Derrynane at 5-2.


  1. This is a two year old race. Crazy shit can happen.

  2. If you go bud heavy and spread I understand, maybe get a clean break from a filly and she runs off.

  3. Check out sire stats by however means.

Reminder: your opinion should determine who and how you bet. If you are on board with Derrynane and odds get too low I suggest skipping race or pressing your pick 5 ticket. She is two, check her out on the track and take advantage of getting a look at horses for the 1st leg of sequence.

Best of luck.



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