Horse Racing History: The 5 Best Winning Horses Over the Years
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Horse Racing History: The 5 Best Winning Horses Over the Years

Horse racing is still one of the most popular sporting events

Horse Racing is one of the oldest of all the sports known around the world. As we know today, it began in the 12th century, when the English Knights returned with Arab Horses from the Crusades. Horse racing has then developed as the sport of the elite and kings. It developed from a primary speed contest or stamina between two horses into a large field of runners with world-class electronic monitoring equipment, and, of course, an immense involvement of money.

The horse racing industry’s mission is to improve horse racing events for a new generation of horse racing fans. Because of this, big shot horse racing games offer massive opportunities for Thoroughbred trainers and owners in just a short period. And their effort is not in naught, as horse racing is still one of the most popular sporting events nowadays.

Various Triple Crown participants and Pegasus World Cup contenders have captured the limelight of the racing industry as well as celebrities and fans all over the world. Because of these horses, many events established themselves as premier racing events fans anticipate. Of course, there are competing horses that shone more than others. Hence, here is the list of the top five winning horses of all time.


Secretariat, famous for his nickname "Big Red," was the finest thoroughbred horse of all time. He was renowned in his league. After 25 years of having no new Triple Crown winner to follow Citation’s steps, Secretariat won the ninth Triple Crown title. No horse has ever been matched against him. Many experts even think that he’s better than the other Triple Crown winners before him. He was a horse with an incomparable style.

Secretariat was also named Champion Juvenile Colt and the American Horse of the Year in 1972 and 1973. He is known as the fastest horse, with 3/16 to 1 5/8 miles recorded in horse racing history. He won the Marlboro Cup with a world record, making him the thirteenth horse to win over $1,000,000 in thoroughbred horse racing history.

Man O’ War

Man O' War is widely known as one of the most outstanding racing horses of all time. He was an American thoroughbred who is undefeated in 21 starts. Sports publications such as The Blood-Horse, ESPN, and the Associated Press cast Man o' War as one of the most outstanding horses recorded in the 20th century.

Man O’ War never failed to become an odds favorite during every start of his career. He grew so popular that he was even considered as a horse that revitalized the sport in North America during the interwar course.

Seattle Slew

Seattle Slew was known as Champion Juvenile Colt and the American Horse of the Year in 1977. He was a Thoroughbred who became the 10th winner of the American Triple Crown and the only horse to win with an undefeated record.

However, despite his skills as a racehorse, Seattle Slew battled a life-threatening illness during his career. He returned to racing and finished two-fifths of a Marlboro Cup, which marked as a second record-breaking win in history.

Seattle Slew's influence on North American horse racing developed in his career. He became the stud of various Kentucky Derby winners, such as California Chrome and Orb.


Winx is a superstar mare trained by Chris Waller and was known for her incredible four-year run, with 33 race wins, which included 25 Group 1 wins. Her wins in this category is an Australasian record in horse racing.

She was the third horse to be called up into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame while in training in 2017, following the track of Black Caviar.

Winx won for a consecutive record in the Cox Plate at Moonee Valley. She was also awarded the title of Australian Horse of the Year from 2015 to 2016 and 2018 to 2019. Winx was a Champion Middle Distance Racehorse in those courses.


Zenyatta is one of the most remarkable horses ever recorded in horse racing history. She won the Breeder's Cup Classic in 2009, which is equivalent to the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl win in 2002. Zenyatta could have won the St. Trinians in 2010 Vanity if it wasn’t because of a jockey error.

Zenyatta's personality alone earned her millions of fans around the world. Many follow her as a broodmare, and they can't wait to see her on track. Her triumph in the Breeder’s Cup Classic earned her a first-place, winning $2,700.00.


The horse racing feature has always been the same over the years; the horse who finishes first wins the honor and title. In this modern age, horse racing progressed from a game of royals and nobles to extensive entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Racehorses with exceptional skills and performance have impressive and fruitful careers throughout the years. These outstanding horses throughout history gained popularity because of how good they are in the race.

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