Top 5 Horses to Bet Online on the Preakness Stakes 2020
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Top 5 Horses to Bet Online on the Preakness Stakes 2020
Bettors should have nothing to worry about as online betting for the Preakness Stakes 2020 is available online.

The Preakness stakes are once again approaching, and fans are now thrilled to witness this year's competitors. However, this year's Preakness stakes will occur with no audience due to the coronavirus's threat to the public's health.

But bettors should have nothing to worry about as online betting for the Preakness Stakes 2020 is available online. Here is the top-five list of the most favored horses to bet on this year to help you decide whom to wager your money for this year's race.


As per the 2020 Preakness horse racing odds, Tiz The Law ranked number one as the most favored horse. He has a 15/8 odds to win the race as of September 10, 2020. However, the owner Jack Knowlton has released a statement via his Twitter account that Tiz The Law will skip the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico this year.

This statement makes Authentic move up, becoming the number one ranked horse with a 6/5 odds to win the Preakness. Even before the announcement was made, Authentic has already slightly dominated Tiz The Law as the favored odds.

Art Collector

Art Collector was the next favorite of this year's Preakness Stakes. The horse has a 9/2 odds of winning despite the foot injury that caused him to miss the Kentucky Derby. Art Collector is continually recovering from the injury and hopefully will attain complete recovery on or before the Preakness Stakes.

Even though Art Collector wasn't able to run in this year's Kentucky Derby, he should not be counted out at the Preakness as he’s one of the best horses in horse racing prior to his injury.

Honor A.P.

Honor A.P finished fourth on the Kentucky Derby despite having a poor start on the race. He is the third favorite in the Preakness Odds after Tiz The Law dropped out of the race. Honor has a 6/1 odds for this year's Preakness Stakes, and many fans don’t doubt that he’ll attract action at that odds.

The three-year-old colt is trained by John Shirreffs and was proclaimed as the winner of the Santa Anita Derby-G1 held last June 6, 2020. He beat Authentic on that particular race and is now one of the Preakness's top five favorites.

Thousand Words

Thousand Words, another Bob Baffert trained colt, has a 10/1 Preakness 2020 odds, making him the fourth-best horse to bet at this year's Preakness race. He won two out of the five races he participated in this year. One is the Robert B. Lewis (G3) last February, and the second is the Shared Belief Stakes held last August 1.

Although only at the number four spot in the Preakness Odds, he is one of the most valued horses along with NY Traffic. Baffert is aiming for his eight Preakness Stake victory this year, where he has two chances of fulfilling it with Thousand Words and Authentic.

Happy Saver

The fifth placer in the current ranking is Happy Saver with 12/1 odds to win the race. Trained by Todd Fletcher, this three-year-old colt is a late-developing offspring of Kentucky Derby winner Super Saver. He debuted last June 20 at Belmont Park.

Happy Saver shows a promising performance as he dominates his debut performance. He might be a little late on his career, but he doesn't disappoint. Happy Saver might be one of the future top racers of the Triple Crown.

Is Online Betting Safe?

Online sports betting, particularly horse racing, has been present for years, and this year it might be the only way a bettor can bet on the race due to the strict "No Audience" protocol of the race because of the coronavirus.

Online sports betting is legit and safe. However, you still need to be vigilant in choosing an online betting platform. Even though authentic betting sites are guaranteed 100% safe, there are still scam websites out there that offer the fans' betting service.

Never forget to take extra precaution when wagering your money online. It is easy to detect a fraud betting site just by looking at the betting sites' content. Poor graphics and display is a sign of a fake website. Legitimate betting sites can afford to pay expert graphic designers and web developers that are capable of providing a top-class website.

There is nothing to be afraid of with online betting. As long as you know the dos and don'ts, there will be no problem at all. The risk of losing money on betting is an obvious risk a bettor must take, but losing money by being a scam victim is another story.


The odds are important, and finding its value will help you make money from sports betting. If you do not wager on value, it is almost impossible for you to win. With the odds given to the spectators, they can have a projection on the possible result of the race.

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